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"'Scavenge the violent wilderness, build devastating weapons, and take down the terror together."
—Visceral Games

Dead Space 3 is a third-person survival horror[3][4][5] video game for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC and is the sequel to Dead Space 2. It was development by Visceral Games and was published by Electronic Arts on February 5, 2013 in the United States and February 8, 2013 in Europe.[6] Primarily set on the frozen planet of Tau Volantis, the game follows protagonists Isaac Clarke and John Carver as they attempt to end the Necromorph threat.


Backstory and Setting

Dead Space 3 is set in 2514. After the events of Dead Space, EarthGov captured Isaac Clarke and harvested his mind for Marker blueprints in order to revive the Marker program, in which Markers are used to provide resources and power for the Human race. The Marker built by a delirious Isaac on Titan Station somehow "activated", resulting in another outbreak of Necromorphs. Isaac then escaped with mining engineer Ellie Langford after he destroyed the Marker, resulting in Titan Station's destruction.

Isaac and Ellie continued to hide from EarthGov and resided on the New Horizons Lunar Colony, a city found on Earth's moon. In that time, Ellie's lost eye was replaced and the two developed a romantic relationship. However, due to the events Isaac had witnessed and Ellie's ambition to stop the Markers, the two broke it off. Ellie left to figure out ways to stop the Markers while Isaac stayed in hiding and quickly regretted breaking it off with Ellie.

Three years after the Titan Station incident, a radical Unitologist group known as the "Inner Circle" has begun a reign of violent riots and have been destroying the Marker Test Labs on all major colonies to spread the Necromorph infection. Apparently, these attacks have been so thorough and so devastating that EarthGov has effectively been destroyed. Recently, the group attacked the Marker Test Lab on the planet Uxor. During the planet's infestation, Sgt. John Carver's wife and son were murdered by Jacob Arthur Danik, the founder and leader of the Inner Circle. Carver's family were then transformed into Necromorphs and he was forced to destroy them to survive. However, he was rescued from certain death by Captain Robert Norton and Ellie Langford. After escaping the planet, the group was followed by the Inner Circle. After Ellie traced the Marker signals to a distant planet, Ellie headed for the planet, Tau Volantis, with Austin Buckell and Jennifer Santos. Before leaving, Ellie asked Norton to find Isaac back at New Horizons. Norton and Carver then left to find Clarke, with the Inner Circle following them.

Main Characters

  • Isaac Clarke - is the main playable character and protagonist of the game. He was a survivor of both the Aegis VII and the Titan Station Incident. After destroying the Site 12 Marker, Isaac escaped with resident Ellie Langford. Within the three years after the incident, they developed a romantic relationship but separated due to Isaac's refusal to help Ellie in combating the Markers. Ellie left to pursue a solution to the Marker crisis while Isaac remained on the New Horizons Lunar Colony, only to be called back by Cpt. Norton and Sgt. Carver who retrieve him to rescue Ellie. Isaac then is brought to Tau Volantis to rescue Ellie and discover the true meaning behind the Markers.
  • Sergeant John Carver - is the deuteragonist and secondary playable character. Carver was recruited by Captain Norton when his home planet Uxor was infested by Necromorphs after Jacob Danik released the Marker there. Carver lost his wife Damara and son Dylan Carver in the incident and joins Ellie's Marker team along with Norton to stop the Markers once and for all. When Ellie traces the Marker signal back to Tau Volantis, he and Norton are sent to recruit Isaac for the mission. During the events of the game, he is responsible for protecting the group, namely Isaac. While reaching closer to the Markers, Carver begins to have hallucinations of his son and wife that are both are part of his guilt and the Markers. Like Isaac's ordeals with the hallucinations of Nicole Brennan, he must overcome them and realize that it was not his fault, and whatever he is seeing is not there.
  • Ellie Langford - was one of the survivors of the Titan Station incident and rescued Isaac before the station was destroyed. Her eye was replaced after its removal by Nolan Stross, but she still had her ambition to stop the Markers that have now spread to every major colony. Ellie leaves due to Isaac's refusal, leaving her on her own to stop the Markers. While on the planet Uxor, she develops a relationship with Captain Robert Norton. The two, along with Sgt. John Carver, witness the Necromorph infestation of the planet. Ellie eventually traces the source of the Marker's signal and power to Tau Volantis, which she believes is the Marker home world, and sends Norton to recruit Isaac for the mission. During the events of the game, Ellie attempts to stop the tension between Norton and Isaac involving their relationship with her and while trying to stop the Markers.
  • Jacob Arthur Danik - is the primary antagonist of the game. He is the leader of the Inner Circle, a radical group of the Church of Unitology. He, along with his followers, believe that EarthGov has committed heresy by replicating the Markers and using them for their own ends. His form of protest is rioting and releasing the Marker signals to commence a Necromorph outbreak among the colonies in which the Markers are placed. Danik and his men follow Norton's group back from the planet Uxor and to the New Horizons Lunar Colony. Danik discovers that Norton is after Isaac Clarke. The Inner Circle now views Clarke as a heretic for 'killing' the Aegis VII and Titan Station Markers and now want him dead. Danik will follow Isaac and the group throughout the game's events, and send his armed men out to kill him. His primary motivation, aside from killing Clarke, is to liberate the Markers and commence Convergence.
  • Captain Robert Norton - is the commander of EarthGov's USM Eudora. Norton was present on the planet Uxor when the infestation occurred. There, he recruited Carver and developed a strong, romantic relationship for Ellie. He agrees to join her team in an attempt to stop the Markers. When tracing the signal of the Markers back to Tau Volantis, Ellie left for the planet. Before going dark and sending an S.O.S., Ellie requires Isaac on the mission because of his abilities involving the Markers and to translate a script her team found. Norton recruits Isaac and brings him to Tau Volantis. His ambitions during the events in the game are personal and do not involve the Markers. Also, he develops a disliking for Isaac because of his own jealousy over Isaac and Ellie's past, leading Norton to believe that all of Isaac's actions are for Ellie.
  • Jennifer Santos - is an engineer like Isaac but focuses more on the logistics of the Marker signals. Santos assisted Ellie in tracking the Marker signal to Tau Volantis and joined Ellie's Marker Ops team. Santos traveled with Ellie and their friend, Austin Buckell, from Keyhole Station to Tau Volantis before losing contact with Norton. Santos' role on Tau Volantis is helping decode cryptic messages, triangulating Marker signals, and finding a solution to end the Marker epidemic.
  • Austin Buckell - is a military veteran and part of Ellie's Marker Ops team, having extensive knowledge on the Markers and the Sovereign Colonies. He, along with his friend, Jennifer Santos, were at Keyhole Station during the Uxor infestation when they met Ellie and joined her Marker Ops team. Austin along with Ellie and Santos, Buckell travelled to Tau Volantis where they eventually lost contact. Buckell's role is to provide information regarding the functions of the Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces who created the abandoned settlement on Tau Volantis, as well as the Markers.

Plot Summary

Dead Space 3 first begins with a Prologue set in June 18, 2314 on the frozen planet of Tau Volantis. A research expedition of the Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces is destroyed following the events of a Necromorph infestation. Towards the end, soldiers Tim Caufman and Sam Ackerman are sent by researcher Dr. Earl Serrano to find a powerful device known as the Codex from the wreckage of a downed ship. After retrieving the Codex, Ackerman is killed by an avalanche and Caufman runs into one of the expedition's leaders: General Mahad. Mahad briefly questions Caufman before abruptly shooting him in the head. Mahad then deletes the information on the Codex and turns the gun on himself.

The story continues two hundred years later, in 2514, on the New Horizons Lunar Colony. For the past three years Isaac Clarke has been living in hiding from EarthGov following the events of the Dead Space 2. After previously receiving a message from his partner Ellie Langford about her "moving on", Isaac is suddenly confronted by Captain Robert Norton and Sergeant John Carver. Norton says that Ellie needs Isaac's help for another mission involving the Markers. The colony suddenly comes under attack by the powerful Inner Circle of the Church of Unitology. The three men are separated, and Isaac is ambushed by soldiers under the command of Jacob Arthur Danik, the leader of the Inner Circle. Danik destroys the containment measures surrounding a Marker Test Lab in the center of the colony and the Circle massacres most of the New Horizons Security Force. Danik also simultaneously orders similar sabotages of labs in other major settlements, widely unleashing the Marker signal and beginning a fatal wave of Necromorph infestation against human civilization. The chaos that follows allows Isaac to escape and board the USM Eudora via the Lunar Train System.

After boarding the USM Eudora, Isaac along with Norton, Carver, Rosen and Locke travel via shock space to reach Ellie's last point of contact located in the Tau Volantis system. Emerging into orbit around the planet, the crew find themselves surrounded by mines and the ship quickly sustains critical damage. They manage to escape via an emergency pod and dock with the derelict CMS Roanoke from which Ellie's S.O.S. signal is being detected. Isaac uses his engineering skills and combat experience to fight off Necromorphs and restore power and functionality to the ship. He eventually reunites with Ellie but discovers she has developed a relationship with Norton. Isaac then meets the researchers Santos and Buckell who are part of Ellie's Marker Ops team. Ellie reports that the Captain of the Roanoke wrote Marker inscriptions on the wall of her room that may provide further leads. After investigating, Isaac deciphers the writing and reveals that the Captain discovered a Machine that can control the Markers and was obsessed with the command to "turn it off." Ellie concludes that Tau Volantis is the Marker home world. Norton speaks out urgently in favor of escaping to safety, but Isaac, Ellie and the Marker Ops team continue the mission. A spare shuttle is found aboard the CMS Terra Nova that can descend to the planet's surface.

Norton claims that Isaac is siding with Ellie because he still has feelings for her and is trying to take her back from him by supporting her. He implores Isaac to abandon the mission for the sake of Ellie's safety, pointing out that there is little hope of success and a significant chance they'll be killed, but Isaac contends that everyone will die if they give up. Norton continues complaining and voicing doubts about the mission as well as frequently insulting and disrespecting Isaac. After the spare shuttle is secured, the team boards and proceeds to land on Tau Volantis.

During the landing sequence the ship is knocked off course and crashes, killing Locke and Rosen and separating Isaac from the rest of the group. Isaac reawakens on the frozen planet suffering from severe hypothermia, but warms himself from piles of burning debris. Desperately searching through the wreckage of the ship, Isaac is greatly relieved to find a video recorded by Ellie and the other survivors. Isaac proceeds to follow a trail of flares left by Ellie into a building where he finds Buckell collapsed on the floor and they speak briefly. Buckell succumbs to his injuries as Isaac finds a RIG designed to withstand freezing temperatures. After fighting through waves of Necromorphs, Isaac catches up to Ellie and the team. Santos has successfully discovered a signal coming from a warehouse at the other end of the complex. While attempting to reach the warehouse, they are discovered and attacked by Danik and his soldiers. The team is separated, but manages to escape from the Unitologists and regroup in the warehouse.

In the warehouse is a giant frozen Necromorph Hive Mind, known as the Nexus, which contains signals within its body that can be tracked back to the Marker. While attempting to thaw it and triangulate the signal Isaac and Carver are ambushed and captured by Danik's soldiers. Danik reveals that it was Norton who led them to Tau Volantis. Norton attempts to save Ellie and the group by reminding Danik of their agreement, condemning only Isaac who is seen as a "Marker-killer." However, Danik says that he will execute all of them and bring about the salvation and rebirth of mankind as promised by Unitology. He is about to shoot Norton when they are attacked by the now awakened Nexus. In the ensuing confusion, Isaac quickly tackles Danik to save Norton's life.

Isaac and Carver defeat the Nexus, but Norton becomes hostile and begins blaming Isaac for all of the mission's deaths and misfortunes. Norton fires at Isaac, at which point Isaac fires back in self-defense, hitting Norton in the head. Isaac tries to explain what happened to Ellie, and the group is demoralized as there are now only four of them remaining. Santos uncovers information about a device the researchers referred to as the Codex and a guide known as Rosetta in a lab on top of a nearby mountain. The group climbs the mountain, but a creature called the Snow Beast attacks when Santos is on the elevator lift. Carver is forced to sever the main cable, disconnecting it and sacrificing Santos to prevent the entire cliffside from collapsing. Isaac destroys the Snow Beast by pulling it apart with engine-powered harpoons and reunites with Ellie and Carver at the lab. Isaac apologizes to Ellie for everything that has happened and the two appear to rekindle their relationship. As they explore the lab, they discover Rosetta, who is revealed to be an alien being that has been dissected into separate sections. Rosetta possesses information in her brain about the Codex, the Markers, and Convergence.

All of the pieces of Rosetta are combined, and Isaac suddenly has a vision: Rosetta was one of an ancient extraterrestrial civilization which uncovered a Marker. This eventually led to a cataclysmic Necromorph infestation. After securing control over sufficient biomass, the Convergence Event began. The event involves a massive transfer of organic matter, necromorph mass, and other materials into orbit along with the Marker to create a Necromorph Moon, which is revealed to be the same moon orbiting Tau Volantis. These moons broadcast the Necromorph Marker signal across the stars, leading civilizations to replicate and experiment on the seemingly lifeless yet (as a result of receiving and relaying the interstellar signal) highly energized Markers. As the signal encounters and affects more and more necrotic matter, this eventually leads to rampant infestation, Convergence, and new moons. Despite the imminent collapse of their civilization and extinction of their species, the aliens used the last of their resources to construct an unimaginably powerful city-sized machine which managed to quickly freeze the largely ocean world of Tau Volantis, halting the Convergence Event.

Isaac unknowingly reveals much of this in front of Danik who then steals the Codex. However Isaac catches the Unitologists off guard and Danik flees. The room fills with lethal gas in which Ellie becomes trapped and separated from Isaac. Seeing no way out, Ellie tearfully tells Isaac to close the doors so he and Carver can escape.

Enraged by the loss of Ellie, Isaac and Carver relentlessly pursue Danik, decimating the remaining Unitologist soldiers along the way. They recover the Codex from Danik and then descend to the buried alien city where they discover how to use the Machine. At the Machine's core, Danik waits with Ellie, who found a way to escape the gas but had been captured by Unitologist reinforcements. Danik threatens to kill Ellie unless he is given the Codex. Carver, believing in redemption, suddenly grabs the Codex from Isaac and throws it to Danik, who lets go of Ellie to catch it. Danik immediately uses it to turn off the Machine, resuming the Convergence Event. The incomplete Necromorph Moon, free of the Machine's control, descends towards Tau Volantis, instantly stripping away the surface layers of the planet under which the city and the Machine are buried. The ancient alien necropolis: a tomb, warning, and protective seal created by the aliens against the Necromophs, begins to disintegrate as it ascends to be consumed.

While enraptured by his own success Danik is unceremoniously impaled and killed by a random piece of falling debris. Realizing that there is no way to stop such an overwhelming force and escape safely, Isaac kisses Ellie goodbye, and she escapes on a shuttle. Isaac and Carver then work together to fight their way through the crumbling flying city to the Codex. Being pulled up into the planet-sized organism, they manage to reactivate the Machine and set it to reject Convergence, which stops the Event and causes the moon to crash into Tau Volantis along with the remains of the alien city.

Ellie grieves for Isaac, but takes solace in realizing her ship's instruments no longer detect the Marker signal. The Necromorph Moon is now falling apart as it descends into and merges with the planet in a horrific cataclysm. Ellie sets a course for Earth and leaves the orbit of Tau Volantis.

After the end credits, Isaac's voice is heard calling out for Ellie followed by the sound of Isaac's breathing apparatus.










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Weapons are categorized into three different sections; Pre-Built Weapons, Blueprints, and Parts.




All parts can fit only selected sections of a custom gun. The sections are as follows:



Visceral Games took a different approach in the development of Dead Space 3. Rather than the generic space/ship environment, the development team set the settings of the game in a harsh, snowy environment.

Like the previous two titles, Dead Space 3 utilises a heavily-modified Godfather engine (now known as Visceral Tech engine).[7] The game is the first title in the series to utilize graphical enhancements such as Anti Aliasing, Bokeh Depth of Field[8] and SSAO.


The campaign can be played in two modes: single-player or cooperative (the second of which is only available as an online mode).[2] Single-player mode follows the traditional gameplay experience, where the player would take control of Isaac Clarke. Referred "Drop In-Drop Out Online Co-Op", the cooperative mode, on the other hand, allows two players to play in the campaign at the same time; the first player would take control of Isaac Clarke, whereas the second player would take control of John Carver.[1] Playing cooperatively will provide further details about the game's plot, as well as enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

The controls in Dead Space 3 have been further redefined from the previous title; in addition to the smooth player movement, players are also able to duck and perform rolls. In addition to these changes, the game features humans as gameplay antagonists on par with Necromorphs.


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Downloadable Content

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Dead Space 3: Awakened

Main article: Dead Space 3: Awakened

Dead Space 3: Awakened is the first story DLC pack for Dead Space 3. Based after the events of Dead Space 3, Isaac and Carver awaken after falling through the sky with the Moon. When they learn that the threat was not entirely put to an end, they both attempt to find a ship and return to Earth.

Awakened was released March 12, 2013 on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, PC, and Origin for 800 Microsoft points or $9.99.

Dead Space 3 Dev Team Edition

Dead Space 3 Dev Team Edition

Dead Space 3 Dev Team Edition

The Dead Space 3 Dev Team Edition included:[9]

  • 8" Black Marker Statue: The Black Marker is an alien artifact found on Earth in 2214. It radiates a signal that—depending on your intelligence—either induces dementia or imprints blueprints into your brain for reproducing more Markers. The signal also creates gruesome, violent, life-after-death reanimations of dead flesh known as Necromorphs. The Marker's final purpose is revealed in the story of Dead Space 3. This Marker is a custom molded and painted polyresin statue, and everyone's fingers are crossed that it doesn't end up driving people insane.
  • Aluminum Data Pad: Before there were holograms, there were layered plates of projected data on glass. This flipbooks recalls the nostalgia of the 200-year old technologies from the Sovereign Colonies era, showcasing an array of fascinating characters, ships, Necromorphs, and aliens from Dead Space 3. Data Pad is a 10" by 7" hinged aluminum flip book that features 9 sets of pages made up of framed PET sheets and printed cardstock backing pages.
  • Med Pack Water Bottle: The Med Pack is a single-dose standard issue healing agent commonly used in the highly dangerous, isolated work environments of outer space. The vastly accelerated healing effects routinely save lives, but often result in misaligned bones and other soft tissues, requiring follow-up surgeries to correct. Custom molded 14-oz water bottle with a flip spout lid.
  • Bound SCAF Jotter: Doctor Earl Serrano, the head of Marker research on Tau Volantis, kept a careful journal of his findings under the watchful eye of the Sovereign Colonies military arm as he uncovered the shocking first-ever archeological contact with true aliens. The Bound SCAF Jotter with Dr. Serrano's notes has 20 pages of Dead Space lore and some blank pages for your own discoveries.
  • SCAF Posters: Nostalgic posters for an era long gone, the SCAF represents the government prior to EarthGov 200 years ago, when space travel was done without Shockpoint drives, and was only for the bold and the courageous—and the military. Set of three 12" by 5" vintage-feeling posters printed on 80-pound paper.
  • Peng Postcards: Peng as a phenomena stretches back over 200 years, as evidenced by these Sovereign Colonies-era postcards! No one knows who started Peng, or what its origins are. It had morphed into a pseudo-sexual morale booster for the troops even back then. The pack comes with 6 vintage post cards.
  • 96 Page Mini Art Book: A beautiful collection of the most haunting and visually-stunning concept art used in the production of Dead Space 3, produced exclusively for the Dev Team Edition. Book measures 4.75" by 6.5".


  • When you take the first letter from each chapter and the prologue, they form the words "B.R.O.T.H.E.R. M.O.O.N.S. A.R.E. A.W.A.K.E."
  • In a 2021 interview with franchise producer and co-writer Chuck Beaver, it was revealed that the original story for Dead Space 3 planned by him and Ben Wanat during development of Dead Space 2 would have been the third chapter of Isaac Clarke's psychological journey. Featuring Isaac as an unreliable narrator alongside a "dark" version of himself and emphasizing his dementia, the story would have eventually led to Isaac leading the Brethren Moons to Earth due to being a "herald of the Markers" for having DNA that was compatible with the Marker signal. Dead Space 4 would have been a final confrontation at Earth, with Isaac "facing his destiny" and fighting against the Moons. According to Beaver, many of the elements from this original concept were repurposed for the Awakened DLC, with the story of Awakened being much closer to what Dead Space 3 was envisioned to be at the time of Dead Space 2 than the base game's.[10]
  • Unlike the previous titles, Dead Space 3 uses a large amount of active music. The previous titles only used music during highly tense moments such as boss battles or area-related hazards. Dead Space 3, however, maintains an active orchestral score throughout the majority of the game.
  • Co-op gameplay is online only.
  • The music played in the Official Announcement Trailer is called "Fishing Grounds", by the composer Paul D'Amour, also known as Feersum Ennjin. The song seems to indirectly refer to the Aliens, who were biologically similar to fish.
  • The song played in the Launch Trailer is called "In the Air Tonight", by Phil Collins.
  • In sub-zero temperatures, Isaac and Carver's RIG will display their body temperature dropping before they eventually freeze to death. This is the first game in the Dead Space franchise to include this feature, although it is only used during a short portion of the game.
  • Similar to Dead Space 2, if a save of the previous game is found in the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3's hard drive, the player will receive a free "Planet Cracker-class" Plasma Cutter at the first Bench available. The only difference is that the free Cutter now, being a "Planet Cracker-class" tool, has an added damage bonus and is colored completely steel gray.
  • Dead Space 3 is the first Dead Space game not to use credits for currency; everything is crafted or upgraded from resources.
  • Isaac is canonically shot and injured numerous times throughout the cutscenes of the game, including constantly being thrown off of cliffs. Curiously none of these injuries seem to prove fatal and are completely disregarded immediately.
  • None of the main cast dies to a Necromorph; Rosen and Locke die on the way down to Tau Volantis, Buckell dies of hypothermia, Santos dies from falling from a cliff (indirectly caused by The Snow Beast), Danik dies as Convergence resumes because a large chunk of rock pierces him and Norton dies by Isaac's hand.
  • Like Dead Space 2, Dead Space 3 is now Backwards-Compatible on the Xbox One.


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