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Dead Space 3 is the official soundtrack for the action-thriller third-person shooter of the same name. Released on February 12, 2013 by Electronic Arts, the album features twenty tracks composed by James Hannigan and Jason Graves.[1]


In a Forbes interview with Jason Graves, Graves' intention was to maintain the experimental sound of previous Dead Space soundtracks. When asked about the "edgier appointment" of the score, Graves cites, like Dead Space 2, the game's more action oriented atmosphere demanded the score reflect that atmosphere as well.[2] According to veteran composer, Jason Hannigan, Graves and himself rarely worked together to compose a singular piece. The tracks chosen for the official release were intentionally meant to contrast each other whilst conveying key narrative themes and events.[3]


Original Soundtrack
Title Time
200 Years Ago, On an Icy Planet... 7:20
The Quick and the Dead 6:03
A Broken Past 4:54
Lunar Express 4:35
60 Seconds Over Tau Volantis 1:59
The Fiery Room 2:32
Spaced Out and Frantic 2:30
Vomit Comet 2:12
Graffiti Speaks 1:38
Knee Deep 5:30
Buckell Down 2:13
Apoplexia 4:04
In Tents 4:23
Into the Stomach 6:33
The Nexus 2:37
Mountains of Madness 2:16
The Ascent 2:26
Rosetta Suite 5:31
Cry of the Ancients 4:26
Convergence 2:43
Moon Crash 7:03
Total time: N/A