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There are various ways for community members to chat with one another, but the following two are ones that are recommended by the Administration team of Dead Space Wiki. Make sure that you read the Chat guidelines as ignorance of them is not a defence.

Accessing chat[]

Wikia Chat[]

"Wikia Chat" is an experimental chat feature introduced by Wikia to provide instantaneous communication between members of the wiki community. The chat feature is not a stable communication platform and might contain several issues that is not fixable by the administration of this wiki. As such, any issues encountered throughout the use of the feature will be beyond the control of the administration team. You can find more information about the chat feature here.

To access chat, click here.

Internet Relay Chat[]

The "Internet Relay Chat" is an external application that allows real-time discussions for users.IRC chat takes place on a network of servers, the network that hosts Dead Space wiki's chatroom is known as freenode ( To participate in the chat, you need a type of program or plug-in called an IRC client. Popular clients include mIRC (Windows), Colloquy (Mac OS X), ChatZilla (Firefox), irssi (cross-platform), and XChat (cross-platform).

To access chat, click here.

Chat guidelines[]

Please follow these while on either the #deadspace IRC Channel or Wikia's Chat feature. Breaking rules will be dealt with at the current Moderator's discretion.

  1. No kicking/banning/removing/autoremoving/muting users for no reason .
  2. No kickwars/banwars - take them to #kickwars and #banwars.
  3. Browser wars are prohibited. Take them to #browserwars.
  4. Keep discussions about politics to a bare minimum, unless it has something to do with the topic at hand. Take political arguments to #uncyclopedia.
  5. Do not remove autoremovals or bans without discussion unless someone has autoremoved or banned a channel operator.
  6. Assume good faith.
  7. Use your real username while on the channel. Shenanigans-related temporary nicks will be approved by operator discretion, but all users should use their site usernames (or a close variation or abbreviation) while on IRC.
  8. No cursing to be used offensively, i.e. personal attacks. Keep it civil and mature.
  9. No spamming, flooding etc.


+ indicates rights over IRC