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Deep Dig Suit
Deep dig suit DS3
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The Deep Dig Suit is an unlockable RIG suit in Dead Space 3. 


"An extremely heavy and durable deep space suit, designed for use by industrial asteroid crackers and long-haul salvage operators."
—Suit Kiosk descriptionAesthetically, the Deep Dig Suit looks almost like the EVA suit but with a different color scheme, being a dirty gray instead of crisp white, and its visor is segmented into multiple small slits, presumably to offer protection against rock bits and debris in mining. When Carver equips this suit, it appears as Isaac's EVA Suit, but with a red color palette, a red visor, no face shield when in a vacuum, and having two eye slits unlike Isaac's EVA suit which has three.


In order to unlock the Deep Dig suit, the player must collect all weapon parts. This is impossible when playing solo in standard mode, as some weapon parts required to unlock it are located in co-op only areas, such as the CMS Brusilov and the Archaeology Warehouse.

A somewhat easier way to unlock it is to gather all parts while playing Classic mode, as co-op is not available and thus the inaccessible parts are not required. Be warned, doing it this way will ONLY unlock it for the savegame that was completed on Classic, and not on other files.



  • Isaac's version of the Deep Dig Suit features a helmet with a large visor area barred by a few armor slats, which greatly resembles the first RIG Isaac was seen wearing in the original Dead Space, the Standard Engineer RIG.
  • Despite being called the Deep Dig Suit, this suit is not associated with the S.C.A.F. Deep Dig team, who are associated with the Witness Suit instead.


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