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"Get full mags in those weapons; I think we're about to walk into a world of shit."
Alissa Vincent[2]

The Divet is a standard sidearm for crew members and security personnel of the Concordance Extraction Corporation.

Design Details[]


Security personnel aboard the USG Ishimura prepare weapons.

The Divet is a compact pistol with fully automatic fire. The Divet fires laser-sliced slugs composed of lead alloy in primary fire mode, and shoots three slugs simultaneously in secondary fire mode. It proved very effective on humans, as a shot from Ramirez's Divet perforated the head of a team member who had been driven insane by Marker 3A. Against Necromorphs, Divets are capable of chopping off the creatures' limbs easily but this often requires well-placed shots to be achieved or else the bullets seemingly penetrate through the Necromorph's body without doing any damage. Concentrated fire gives Divet users some protection against Necromorphs, provided that they are not surrounded by a large number of them.

Combat Tips[]

  • In Dead Space: Extraction, the weapon is not quite as valuable as the Rivet Gun and Plasma Cutter, and players may opt to use a different weapon during the course of the game. Although generally weak, the alternative firing mode has a shotgun slug-like effect and can blow off limbs, but uses three rounds of ammo in order to do so.
  • While the Divet isn't very effective against common Necromorph enemies, its accuracy and rapid fire make it very useful against the small target tentacles of the Urchin and the Spider.


  • In the original Dead Space, the Divet is used by Kendra Daniels to kill Dr. Terrence Kyne. However, in Dead Space (2023), her weapon was changed to what appears to be a pistol version of the SWS Motorized Pulse Rifle, which is also used by some Ishimura crew members in the remake instead of the Divet.
  • The Divet in Dead Space: Downfall is fitted with Muzzle Compensators.
  • The Divet is constantly used on the USG O'Bannon in Dead Space: Aftermath. It demonstrates a little more power than the Divet in Downfall, as it is able to pierce a hole through a Necromorph's head and shows its burst-fire usage from Extraction.