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"Hey, I don't mind shooting the living dead as long as I get to shoot something."

Dobbs was a member of the P.C.S.I. Sec who worked aboard the USG Ishimura.


Dobbs was a rookie, which he was mockingly referred to by his co-workers, and displayed an eager and charismatic personality, often joking with them, most notably Shen. Upon entering the Morgue, the crew quickly realized the strange lack of bodies in the room, despite records stating 20 were to be put into storage, and the many footprints leaving the area. As they searched the chamber, Dobbs examined the inanimate corpse of Hans Leggio, unaware of the danger that it harbored.

Hans soon awoke as a Slasher who quickly pinned Dobbs down and bit at his hand before slashing at the officer, catching the team by surprise. By the time the team managed to pull the Necromorph off Dobbs, he was mortally wounded and was bleeding out. His hand was held by Shen before he died.


  • Dobbs is voiced by Jeff Bennett, who also voiced Hans Leggio and Jackson.
  • Although Dobbs' right shoulder was bitten/attacked, the wound seems to have "moved" to the center of his chest by the time the Hans Slasher was pulled off of him.