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"Some kind of toxin, maybe? Something in the colony?"
—Donna Fawkes on the condition of Hans Leggio.[1]

Donna Fawkes[note 1] was one of the many nurses who worked aboard the USG Ishimura. She fell victim to the Necromorph outbreak shortly after.


Donna was stationed aboard the USG Ishimura for an unknown amount of time prior to its mission to Aegis VII. While orbiting the planet, a crazed miner, Hans Leggio, was taken aboard the Ishimura. He was under the care and observation of Donna and Chief Science Officer Terrence Kyne until they could figure out what was wrong with him. After a crazed outburst, Kyne gave Leggio another heavy sedative and asked Donna to test his blood for anything that could be causing his symptoms. This was the last time that she was seen alive.

An unknown amount of time later, Donna was eventually slain and infected by the Necromorphs. Her reanimated corpse, a Slasher, roamed the Ishimura's Medical Deck and found its way to the Morgue. Attempting to kill Shen, who was attending to a dying Dobbs, Donna was dispatched by the rest of Alissa Vincent's security team.


  • Donna is voiced by Grey DeLisle.
  • Despite her apparent dispatch by Alissa's team, her body remained largely intact. From the general rule of dismemberment being the only way to stop Necromorphs, it was a possibility that she was only stunned and not supposedly killed.



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