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Downloadable content for Dead Space 2 included new RIGs, weapons and two extra chapters continuing the story of the characters from Dead Space: Extraction.


Hazard Pack[]

Martial Law Pack[]

Supernova Pack[]

Outbreak Map Pack[]

The Outbreak Map Pack was a free add-on content for Dead Space 2, released on May 31 on Xbox Live and June 3rd on PSN. The map pack featured two new Multiplayer maps, the Academy, a school setting and the Concourse, a shopping mall setting.[1]


Bonus Content[]


  • All DLC Packs in Dead Space 2 (Hazard Pack, Martial Law Pack, Supernova Pack) are made free on the PC version.
  • If you did not pre-order Dead Space 2, the only way to get the Rivet Gun was to purchase the Supernova Pack DLC and use the Agility Rivet Gun. The Supernova Pack DLC was available for 400 Microsoft points or for $4.99 on PSN and was free on the PC version. This did not let you use the Rivet Gun in Multiplayer.
  • Dead Space 2: Severed was not available on the PC version of Dead Space 2 and could not be played.
  • The Hacker Suit & the matching Contact Beam could not be obtained normally on the PC version of the game, but could still be made available to use by hacking and loading it onto a save file.
  • The Hacker Suit & the matching Contact Beam are the only bonus content that you needed the Schematics for and that you need to pay for.
  • Overall, the Hazard Pack was somewhat outclassed by content available in the standard game and the other packs available which was the Supernova Pack. The primary advantage was the availability of the suits and weapons early on in the game and they are free, but when compared to the other packs and content already in the game, the only advantages that the Hazard Pack had are the Javelin Gun variant and the Ripper variant.
    • The 10% healing bonus of the Hazard Engineering Suit was beaten by the 15% bonus of the Forged Engineering Suit. The matching Line Guns had the same bonuses of reload speed and alt-fire damage, but the Forged Line Gun had an alt-fire bonus of 10% where the Hazard Line Gun had a bonus of 5%.
    • The 5% decrease in Stasis recharge of the Shockpoint Advanced Suit held no bonus over the 50% decrease of the Advanced Suit which was available in the standard game. The matching ShockPoint Ripper when it was compared to the Forged Ripper was a more personal choice as the ShockPoint variant had a 5% reload bonus where the Forged variant had a 10% alt-fire bonus.
    • The Triage Security Suit's 5% bonus to Stasis duration was beaten by the 10% bonus of the Agility Advanced Suit. The matching Javelin Gun was comparable to the variant available in the Martial Law Pack as they held the same reload speed bonus, but the Triage variant had a 10% damage bonus where the Bloody variant had a 10% alt-fire bonus.
  • The DLC content could be exploited to help on the higher difficulties. Each DLC suit fully restored your health when it was equipped for the first time and each DLC weapon could be reloaded by selling and rebuying it for 0 Credits at the Store. Because the upgrade of any weapon was applied to the other variants, selling your weapon would not remove upgrades until all of the other variants are sold.