Downloadable content for Dead Space 3 includes new RIGs, weapons, upgrades for the Scavenger Bot, and additional story content.

Equipment Packs Edit

First Contact Pack Edit

Witness the Truth Pack Edit

  • Witness Suit and Evangelizer
  • This pack was included with the Limited Edition, but can also be purchased separately.

Marauder Pack Edit

Sharpshooter Pack Edit

Tundra Recon Pack Edit

Tau Volantis Survival Kit Edit

The Tau Volantis Survival Kit is a downloadable content bundle pack containing the contents of the Marauder Pack, Sharpshooter Pack, Tundra Recon Pack, and the Bot Accelerator.

EG-900 SMG and Tesla Enervator Edit

  • EG-900 SMG and Tesla Enervator
  • Originally available exclusively as pre-order bonuses, these are now available individually as DLC.

Scavenger Bot Upgrades Edit

Bot Capacity Upgrade Edit

The Bot Capacity Upgrade doubles the resource storage capacity of Scavenger Bots, so more resources are delivered to the Bench.

  • Since resource locations can only be harvested by one bot each, this is the most beneficial upgrade.

Bot Accelerator Edit

The Bot Accelerator decreases the harvesting time for Scavenger Bots by 50%, so resources are delivered to the Bench faster.

Bot Personality Pack Edit

The Bot Personality Pack upgrades Scavenger Bots with a personality module, allowing them to vocalize their thoughts when deployed. The personality resembles a butler with a British accent, who is quite vocal about how unhappy he is to be in your employ.

Resource Packs Edit

The game allows players to purchase resources for either real life currency or using Ration Seals acquired from Scavenger Bots while playing the game. These packs also include random MK V weapon components. Weapons made using a MK V 'Tip', for example, have a gold skin. Resources and weapon components from resource packs carry over into any future game playthroughs and are provided at the first Bench you encounter in any new game.

Ultra Weapon and Resource PackEdit

  • One MK V Weapon Part
  • 50% Chance of a second MK V Weapon Part
  • 120 Tungsten, 400 Semiconductors, 1000 Scrap Metal, 200 Somatic Gel, and 100 Transducers

Epic Weapon and Resource PackEdit

  • Two MK V Weapon Parts
  • 50% Chance of a third MK V Weapon Part
  • 240 Tungsten, 800 Semiconductors, 2000 Scrap Metal, 400 Somatic Gel, and 200 Transducers

As you can see, it makes more sense to buy two Ultra packs in place of one Epic, since it gives you a greater expected number of MK V Weapon Parts in the long run.

Unfortunately Resource Packs are automatically added to your available resources at the start of every new game (both New Game and New Game+), so once purchased, you can never again start a game "from scratch."

Note: Players may experience a bug in the PC version of Dead Space 3, preventing the purchase of resource packs.[1]

Awakened Edit

Awakened is the first story DLC pack for Dead Space 3. Dead Space 3: Awakened was released March 12, 2013 on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, PC, and Origin for 800 Microsoft points or $9.99.

Based after the events of Dead Space 3, Isaac and Carver awaken after falling through the sky with the Moon. When they learn that the threat was not entirely put to an end, they both attempt to find a ship and return to Earth.

Bonus Content Edit

Slim Jim PromotionEdit

After entering a code, you are allowed to choose the prize you want to unlock.

  • Broadbow Arc Cutter (Slim Jim/EA Every Code Wins Promotion Reward)[5]
    • Note the Broadbow Arc Cutter, the Negotiator Line Gun, and the Sharpshooter Line Gun share identical statistics and none can use a Rotator Cuff.
  • EL1 Rapido (Slim Jim/EA Every Code Wins Promotion Reward)[5]
  • The Skewer (Slim Jim/EA Every Code Wins Promotion Reward)[5]

Sources Edit

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