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The EarthGov Security Suit is a suit included in the Martial Law DLC along with the Bloody Vintage Suit. The name and appearance of the suit suggest that it is used by the EarthGov's security forces.


It provides 5% more damage to the Detonator, Seeker Rifle and Pulse Rifle and it has 15% damage protection and 15 inventory slots.


The suit is composed of several armour plates (cuirass, greaves, poleyns, vambraces, brassards), a fully head-encapsulating combat helmet, a thick, hermetically sealed, protective bodysuit, and a military-grade duty belt bearing miscellaneous equipment. The helmet and armour are covered in a digital camouflage pattern, composed of brown and olive pixels imposed on a tan background, while the bodysuit is predominantly grey/black with a protective tan under-vest and padding. The left brassard bears a white ring with a secantial cross, whereas the right armlet bears a white 6; both bear the words "EARTH GOV" printed directly beneath. The circular symbol also appears in black on the right upper poleyn, while the number 6 is printed on the back of the combat helmet and, in black, as "EG-6" on the collar of the cuirass. It would appear that "6" is indicative of a military or security forces unit.



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