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The Earth Defense Force is a military force that enforces the Earth Government's orders and is responsible for protecting Earth and her colonies.


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Relatively little is known about the extent and power of the Earth Defense Force.

The First Aegis VII IncidentEdit

Although no sources specifically mention E.D.F. participation in the Marker research program, it is highly likely that such an important and highly classified project would warrant military involvement, if not full military control. Their cover-up of the incident of Aegis VII, and the following restriction of the entire Aegis cluster, supports such suspicions.

The Second Aegis VII IncidentEdit

"CEC vessel USG Ishimura in breach of government order."
—E.D.F. Chief of Staff[1]Following the breach of security, the E.D.F. dispatched a heavily armed warship, the USM Valor, to the Aegis cluster to hunt down and stop the Planet Cracker USG Ishimura. However, following an unexpected breach and infection, most of the Valor’s crew and complement were slain; shortly after impacting the USG Ishimura, the vessel became unstable and exploded. The reaction of the Earth Defense Force to the loss of the vessel, and its subsequent actions, are unknown, though the USM Abraxis recovered Isaac Clarke.

The O'BannonEdit

In Dead Space: Aftermath, a squad of Marines led by a Colonel investigates the damaged USG O'Bannon. They encountered four survivors who are Nikolas Kuttner, Isabel Cho, Alejandro Borges, and Nolan Stross; however, Kuttner killed one of the Marines and the Colonel ordered the survivors to be incapacitated. While on board the USM Abraxis, the survivors are interrogated, but Kuttner manages to escape and opens the Abraxis' airlock, killing himself and several Marines.[2]

Unitologist UprisingEdit

In concurrence with the crisis faced by the Earth Government after Titan Station's destruction,[3][note 1] the E.D.F. appears to have suffered great loses in the fight against radical Unitologist members and factions like the Circle. Captain Robert Norton and Sergeant John Carver purport to be members of the defense force's last battalion when they secure Isaac Clarke on Luna's New Horizons Lunar Colony.[4]

Elements of the E.D.F.Edit

E.D.F. NavyEdit

The E.D.F. Naval Branch fulfills numerous responsibilities, from transport and supply to anti-piracy patrol operations and quarantine enforcement. While the size and makeup of the E.D.F. Navy is unknown, evidence from the USM Valor and the USM Abraxis suggests ship crews and Marine detachments similar to that of a seaborne navy. Though badly mauled, the Valor also contained a potent nuclear arsenal, suggesting preparations for intense ship-to-ship combat. The USM Abraxis was seen deploying Marines and using powerful cannons.

Identified VesselsEdit


E.D.F. Marine CorpsEdit

Well equipped with Soldier RIGs and military-grade SWS Motorized Pulse Rifles, E.D.F. Marines are utilized for many purposes.[note 2] At this time, they appear to be the premier military arm of the E.D.F., fighting in naval actions, both defending USM vessels and boarding opponents, participation in planetary assaults, garrisoning E.D.F. installations, and participating in both SAR and special operations. Also, the Marines aboard USG O'Bannon were seen using an unknown rifle.[2]

Special OperationsEdit

"This is early bird reporting sir. Aegis VII has been breached. It's— It's the Ishimura."
—Gavin Becker[7][8]Very little is known about the SO branch of the Earth Defense Force; it suspected that Special Operation was in charge of the Black Marker, as well as the resulting cover-up of the Red Marker.

Known E.D.F. PersonnelEdit




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  2. The Soldier RIG utilized by the E.D.F. Marine Corps has a Stasis Module built directly into the RIG. When fallen Marines are mutated by Infectors, the subsequent slasher moves at extremely high speeds, earning it the designation Twitcher; it remains unknown how Marines use the module during normal operations.


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