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"Needs us... needs us to... to make it whole..."

Egan was an engineer on Aegis VII and a member of the Extraction Dig Team.[1]


Egan was called along with Sam Caldwell and Sterling to aid in the excavation of Marker 3A. On the way to the site, Egan remarked that the newly-discovered Marker looked just like the Unitologists' Black Marker. When the team removed the Marker from its pedestal, it flashed brightly and emitted a powerful shock wave that destabilized Gravity Tether 16. Egan, Sam and Sterling were sent by Cooper to fix the tether in Megavent 24.

En route, the trio encountered several miners and engineers who were in a highly violent state of dementia and were forced to kill them. Upon reaching the desired level, Sterling separated from the crew to assist someone that they had heard, while Egan was becoming increasingly paranoid, insisting that "death" was calling them and needed their help to "make it whole". He eventually attacked Sam, who was forced to shoot him. However, it is unknown if this attack really happened or if Sam was actually experiencing a hallucination that made him murder Egan.[1]