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The Electrocution Module electrifies the last round fired. Lower Tool only

Unlike the Explosive version, the Electrocution Module will only work on the last shot fired. Another shot must be fired before using this module again.


The Electrocution Module that activates for the last round fired from a standard weapon that fires a physical round, such as those created from a Telemetry Spike. It can be used for both a heavy and compact frame. When activated, the last round fired will emit an electrical field that damages any enemies within its given radius, causing enemies to drop their items if killed in this manner; Wasters will also not transform if killed with the Electrocution Module

Compatibility with Incendiary Grenades[]

By default this module doesn't work with Incendiary Grenades. Rate of Fire upgrades must be added to the Incendiary Grenades to make it usable. The Mk II weapon requires less Rate of Fire upgrades due to the upgrade from the tip. The MK II version requires +7 SPD, and the standard version requires +9 SPD.


  • The Javelin Gun's alt-fire in Dead Space 2 is similar to this tool.
  • The electrical damage lasts a few seconds after the visual effect dissipates, thus allowing further enemies to be affected after the initial blast, provided that they're in close enough proximity and within the given time frame.
  • The electrical field radius can be enhanced using Explosion Amplifier Attachment. However, the duration of the field is also slightly lowered, reducing the time frame in which incoming enemies can still enter the field's effect area.
  • The electrical field damage can be increased with damage circuits. Even though the damage increase is not shown on the module itself, this is noticeable due to the fact that enemies die faster while under the effect.