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The Elite Engineering Suit is an unlockable suit for Dead Space 2 after beating the game. The suit has the same design as the regular Engineering Suit, though the plating is crisp yellow instead of brown. It has 25 inventory slots and 25% armor. The suit's bonus gives 15% more health from Med Packs. It costs 11,000 Credits at the Store.

As with all Elite suits, the only benefit to buying it is the bonus effect as there is no increase in armor or inventory space to the Riot Security Suit obtained for free at the start of New Game+.


  • Unlike the Engineering suit, which has a silver faceplate and orange body plating, the Elite Engineering Suit's plating is golden yellow with a matching faceplate, similar to the suits from Dead Space.
  • Wearing this suit makes it harder to accurately monitor Isaac's health, as the gold-yellow plating of the back armor turns the glow of the health bar into a greenish-cyan color, similar to when Isaac has a less-than-full bar.



Dead Space 2 Armor Video - Elite Engineering Suit

Isaac putting on the Elite Engineering Suit