Elite Security Suit
Elite Security RIG
Production History

Protection Rating

25% damage resistance


  • 25 Inventory slots
  • +15% Javelin Gun DMG
The Elite Security Suit is a suit that appears in Dead Space 2. Like the Security Suit, it has the same armor type, but has a different color scheme, being merely a palette swap of the original, like many other suits.


The suit increases the Javelin Gun's damage by 15% and has 25% armor and 25 inventory slots.

As with all Elite suits, the only benefit to buying it is the bonus effect it offers as there is no increase in armor or inventory space to the Riot Security Suit obtained for free at the start of New Game+. It costs 30,000 credits to purchase.


The Schematic for this suit can be found in Chapter 9, in the platform area immediately after Isaac left the tram to find out what is blocking the loading path. It can be obtained by looking over the railing and using Kinesis to grab it. Just go to the very right and look at the ground.

NOTE: There is a rare bug that causes the schematic to disappear from this location, making the suit unobtainable.

Appearance Edit

The Elite Security Suit has a checkerboard digital camo pattern on helmet (mostly seen on forehead), on the wrist, and on the collar. The undersuit is gray instead of the Security Suit's black, most noticeably on the shoulder pads. The left pauldron is printed with the word "SWAT", suggesting this is a special forces suit, and the numbers "1002" on the right arm.

It bears much resemblance to the Urban Camo military suit in multiplayer.


  • Similar to the Arctic Security Suit and Riot Security Suit, there is a scripting problem with this RIG's equipping animation. Normally, when this suit is put on, Isaac would not have anything equipped, but the damage-boosted Javelin Gun, if present in Isaac's inventory, can be seen attached to his right hand and will clip through the suit (and Isaac's head) when Isaac stretches the collar section.
  • Also, the Javelin Gun will automatically be equipped upon wearing the suit.


Dead Space 2 Armor Videos - Elite Security Suit

Dead Space 2 Armor Videos - Elite Security Suit

Isaac putting on the Elite Security Suit

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