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Elite Suit
Elite suit DS3
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The Elite Suit is a frontline assault RIG suit used by the 401st Division of the S.C.A.F. designed with advanced survival and biophysical support technologies. It is the last RIG to be unlocked during the first playthrough of Dead Space 3.

The suit shares its name with the Xbox 360 exclusive Elite suit from Dead Space.

Description Edit

"A frontline assault suit used by the 401st Division of the S.C.A.F. Designed with advanced survival and biophysical support technologies."
—Suit Kiosk descriptionThe suit uses the Legionary Suit's neck to feet model, though with a dark-red and blue color scheme; as opposed to the withered-green, beige and brown colors. In addition, all Elite Suit variations features a tri-goggled helmet with matching colors, probably for night or thermal vision. The Elite Suit lacks a right pauldron.

The pauldron bears the crest of the 163rd 'Reaper' squadron, despite the RIG's description stated that it was created for and issued to the 401st Division. However, this may also be applied that the unit itself was a part of the 401st Division.



  • The trifocal goggles seen on all Elite Suit variants are a possible reference to the similarly-looking device used by Sam Fisher of the Splinter Cell franchise.
  • The description of this suit was likely inspired by the 501st Legion armor suit of the Star Wars universe. Like the 501st, the 401st was a special forces unit equipped with an enhanced version of the standard issue military armor.
  • Underneath the crest on the left shoulder it says '163' making it's in-game description likely a developer oversight.
  • Carvers version appears to be a Legionary Suit and Same as his Legionary Suit resembles an Elite Suit


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