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"Hydroponics log. This is Dr. Cross. It... It's hard for me to believe what I'm seeing here. This is crazy, absolutely crazy. I'm going to the Mining Deck. I hear that's where survivors are gathering. Jacob... I'll wait for you there."
—Elizabeth Cross, speaking in the audio log Cross Report 4[1]

Elizabeth Cross was a horticulturalist who worked on the Hydroponics Deck aboard the USG Ishimura.


The Second Aegis 7 Incident[]

Elizabeth Cross was one of the few survivors aboard the USG Ishimura during the USG Kellion's arrival. She was one of the first crew-members aboard the USG Ishimura to learn about the Leviathan,[2] but eventually, Cross abandoned her position and went looking for Temple.[3]

While Isaac Clarke made no direct contact with Elizabeth Cross, many of her audio logs could be found about the ship which questioned why they could not send their surplus of food to the colony of Aegis VII, despite the Captain's "No-Fly" order.[4]


Cross reunited with Temple in the Mining Deck and the two attempted to escape together. They first attempted to send out a distress beacon.[5][6] However, at some point during their initial escape, the two lovers are captured by Challus Mercer.[7]

It's unknown how Mercer managed to capture Cross and her lover, but when Mercer is about to kill Temple, he says that "Dr. Cross was a true believer. She had faith. And now she awaits her transformation". This let implied that Elizabeth eventually succumbed to the dementia and gave herself and Temple to the insane doctor. This is also hinted by the fact that she is found lying dead on the floor fetterless, unlike Jacob who had been gagged and tied to a chair.

Elizabeth was eventually murdered by Mercer when he stuck a metal spike into her forehead, killing her instantly. Shortly after the death of Elizabeth, Isaac Clarke made his way to the scene and watched helplessly as Jacob was murdered as well.

Challus Mercer's reason for stabbing Elizabeth in the forehead was the thought that an Infector could very easily convert the body of Cross into a Necromorph. It could be assumed that she along with Temple are changed into Necromorphs after Isaac left the room where the corpses are located as the hallway outside was easily swarmed by the Dividers and Exploders when Isaac returned there after collecting a mission item and the room below the killing place had two Dividers and bunch of the Corruption.