Engineering Deck

USG Ishimura

  • Maintaining Planetary Orbit
  • Ship Propulsion
Point(s) of Interest:
  • Engine Room
  • Fuel Storage
  • Gravity Centrifuge

The Engineering Deck of the USG Ishimura is where various engineers work at maintaining the ship. This area is responsible for ensuring the Ship's Shock Point Drive and gravity centrifuge work, as well as the nav rockets, with a lifting capacity of 525 trillion kilograms. This area is noted for being very dangerous as only Class 5 Engineers are allowed entry. Unlike other ship areas such as the Bridge and Medical, Engineering is very dark and industrial often with pipes, conduits, and exposed circuitry on the walls. 

Control RoomEdit

Decontamination ChamberEdit

This chamber is used to protect the Gravity Centrifuge by cleansing workers of any bacteria and small debris.

Engine RoomEdit

The Engine Room is a large area that contains the ship's immense engine room and control terminal. Within this chamber are small stations containing tools and interface equipment, a holographic control panel activates and moderates the power of the engines, and the ship's gargantuan primary engine and drive shaft. The Engines do have some suction power making miscellaneous and lighter items stick straight up in the air.

Fuel StorageEdit

A large, very dark open area. It is separated into 2 sections by a gondola. This area feeds fuel into the engines. The area is rather high above the floor and is by far the darkest area of the deck.

Gravity CentrifugeEdit

A large chamber that holds the Gravity Centrifuge, a machine that holds the ship in high orbit over a planet. The Centrifuge is powered by two clutches and moves in a circular motion, anyone or anything caught in its path is instantly killed.

Machine ShopEdit

Tram StationEdit






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