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An Enhanced Leaper

Enhanced Necromorphs are a sub-breed of the Necromorph infection. While no certain reason has been given in the games to why some Necromorphs are enhanced, one possible reason being that the infection is stronger in them than their counterparts, they are featured in all Dead Space games.


All Enhanced Necromorphs feature the same universal attacks and habits as their basic form. Enhanced Necromorphs, however, are stronger and possess greater health, resulting in a greater number of limbs needing to be severed before death and an increase in the damage of their attacks.

While their physical shapes are identical to the normal variants of each Necromorph, Enhanced Necromorphs are either black or slimy dark green with yellow glowing eyes. This dark coloration will often make them much harder to spot, especially in darker areas such as the corridors in the USG Ishimura and the bunkers on Tau Volantis.


The following Necromorphs have Enhanced variants:


  • One theory about why Necromorphs become enhanced could be a simple coagulation of blood and flesh exposed to the elements, essentially making a 'scab-like' armor. This can also explain the coloring of enhanced necromorphs, as they are all a reddish-black color.
    • It hasn't been yet explained why Enhanced Necromorphs have yellow glowing eyes, although it could be a form of bio-luminescent bacteria.
  • Though most "classic" Necromorphs have seen extensive redesign during later games in the series, their Enhanced variants still retains their original appearance.
    • Only Enhanced Slashers receive a visual overhaul since Dead Space, while all other Enhanced Necromorph strains still retains their previous appearance.
    • The Lurkers are a special case, since they have been completely remodeled in Dead Space 3 and have a new Enhanced-variant model to fit the design of a Necromorph Dog.
  • In Dead Space: Mobile, the Enhanced variants are called "uber" variants.
  • Feeders in their Enhanced form are seen first in the belly of The Nexus. This could imply that the larger Necromorphs are somewhat involved in the process of making Enhanced Necromorphs as the Nexus later tries to digest Isaac. They could have also been trapped Humans that have become enhanced, which may also explain its ability to spit Necromorphs as seen performed by the Hive Mind in Dead Space.