Evangelizer DS3
Weapon Information









Technical Specifications



Damage (DMG):


Ammo Capacity (CLP):


Rate of Fire (SPD):

Extremely High

Effective Range:

1st:Mid - 2nd:Near

Weapon Parts
Upgrade circuit
Dead Space 3

Upper Tool = Military Engine
Upper Tool Tip = Evangelizer Directed Ejection Field
Lower Tool = Military Engine
Lower Tool Tip = Evangelizer Conic Dispersal
Frame = Heavy Elite Frame
Attachment 1 = None
Attachment 2 = None
Upgrade Circuits = None


The Evangelizer is a new weapon revealed in Dead Space 3 and included in the Witness the Truth bundle originally only obtained by pre-ordering the Limited Edition. It can now be purchased along with its matching suit: The Witness Suit.

Design DetailsEdit

The Evangelizer is a modified AL-2 assault rifle with an Emerson 2100 Shotgun underbarrel secondary attachment. This exclusive edition features Unitology symbols etched into the body, similar to many DLC weapons from previous games.

Evangelizer Directed Ejection FieldEdit

Although the official description calls this an "assault rifle," it was apparently changed at some point, because it is now a semi-automatic rifle (Carbine). By default, this is in the Upper Tool Tip slot.

  • DMG: 11.5
  • RLD: 9.5
  • CLP: 13.25
  • SPD: 13.25

Evangelizer Conic DispersalEdit

By default, this is in the Lower Tool Tip slot. The Evangelizer Conic Dispersal tip boasts a higher rate-of-fire and damage output than a standard one, though only the damage advantage is shown during crafting.

  • DMG: 13.25
  • RLD: 9.5
  • CLP: 6
  • SPD: 9.75

Combat TipsEdit

  • Depending on where the player aims, it is recommended that the player wait for the Necromorphs to get closer, use Alternative Fire, and then use Primary Fire.
  • Alternatively, one may do the opposite and take the legs off enemies first with the rifle, then finish them off with the shotgun.
  • It is advised that the player take this weapon into consideration when playing classic mode, as its impressive firepower and adaptive nature makes it an excellent all-round choice.
  • The Evangelizer Conic Dispersal tip, unlike other Conic Dispersals, cannot be fitted onto tools other than a Military Engine, thus limiting its usefulness in crafting. The same rule also applies to the Evangelizer Directed Ejection Field.
    • This is likely due to balancing issues, as it possesses greatly augmented firepower compared even to a Mk-V Conic Dispersal/Mk-V Directed Ejection Field.