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Evans was a medical officer aboard the USG Ishimura. He worked alongside Nicole Brennan during the Necromorph outbreak on the Ishimura during the Second Aegis VII incident.[1]


Evans issued a wide cast transmission asking for assistance with the increasing number of patients in Sick Bay 2. Nicole was eager to help, but could not reach him from the barricade that she currently resided in. When the barricade was breached, Nicole was the only survivor to reach Sick Bay 2.

Evans, relieved to see her gladly accepted her help in dealing with the injured survivors in his care. However, with the dwindling number of Medical Packs on hand, they soon ran out. Evans snapped Nicole from a hallucination moments before the bay was attacked by the Necromorphs through one of its vents. Evans and Nicole fended them off long enough to seal off the vent with whatever was on hand using the sheet.

As Nicole suffered from another breakdown, Evans warned her about another Necromorph attack.


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