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Excavation Site 1 was the first excavation site established by the Sovereign Colonies on the surface of Tau Volantis. It was the source of much of their initial discoveries, and the prominent frozen nexuses, immortalized in the middle of a clash, were used as a notable landmark. Adjacent to it was Facility One, connected through a series of tunnels, the pipeline, and extensive research and archeological infrastructure.

Research Ward and Storage[]

Erected among some of the first excavated remnants of the Tau Volantis inhabitants, this early improvised research complex relied on insulated tents to provide archeological teams with protection from the elements and to shelter the excavated remains. It remained in use until a dedicated research complex, Facility Two, was completed on the plateau above the primary city of the Aliens.

Excavation Drill Site[]

The first experimental drill site, established to allow access to the vast subglacial caverns.

Archeology Warehouse[]

Specimen Station 3 (NX-03)[]

The third of a series of specimen sections containing the Nexus necromorph, preserved by the flash freezing of Tau Volantis. This massive warehouse was outfitted with a series of furnaces to allow for controlled thawing of the massive corpse and thus researching its neural network. Discoveries made here and at the two other sites would allow the SCAF to triangulate the nexus signal and locate the ancient city, paving the way for the construction of Facility Two.

Delta Barracks[]

Located on a plateau overlooking Facility One, the Delta Barracks acted as a staging area for the initial excavation of Tau Volantis. Connecting via treacherous ice cliff faces, Delta Barracks also provided housing for the troop contingent erecting SCAF facilities across the planet. The compound was placed next to the second Nexus creature (NX-02) and atop the D-9 Armory built using prefabricated sections into the ice and rock of the planet.

The Armory itself has been cleaned out, its firearms distributed among the troops together with single bullets for the execution of Scenario Five. Instead, its hallways are filled with SCAF troops wrapped inside body bags or prepared for transportation. Some body bags are even simply discarded to the side, once the orders came down.