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The Explosive Module is a lower weapon part used only in Dead Space 3.


The Explosive Module adds an explosive charge to the last shot fired. It is known to work with:

  • Heavy and Compact Telemetry spike (excluding the Chain Gun)
  • Heavy and Compact Rip Core
  • Survey Charges

Unlike the Electrocution version, the Explosive Module can work on all shots starting with the last shot fired. Therefore, this module can be used repeatedly until all shots are exploded. This module works well with the Rivet Shotgun, as it technically shoots multiple rivets per shot.


  • Rivet Gun: Adds a ricochet effect to the last spike fired.
  • Rivet Shotgun: Adds a ricochet effect to 1 spike at a time, allowing for a wide spread minefield.
  • Grenade and Rocket Launchers: Adds the ability to detonate grenades and rockets in mid-flight.
  • Javelin Gun: Similar to the Javelin Gun's special upgrade in Dead Space 2.
  • Line Gun Mine: Explodes the mine early.

Compatibility Requirements for Grenade and Rocket Launchers[]

By default, this module doesn't work with Incendiary Grenades, Grenades, or Rockets. Rate of Fire upgrades must be added to the Survey Charge to make it usable. Mk II weapons require less Rate of Fire upgrades due to the upgrade from the tip.

  • Grenade Launcher
    • Mk II: +10 SPD
    • Standard: +12 SPD
  • Incendiary Grenades
    • Mk II: +7 SPD
    • Standard: +9 SPD
  • Rocket Launcher
    • Mk II: +9 SPD
    • Standard: +10 SPD

Note: Using this module with these or other Survey Charge weapons is not recommended, because it has no noticeable effect on the explosion.