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This is Commander Cadigan! We have hostiles on board! This is NOT a drill! Hostiles are alien, repeat, ALIEN and extremely dangerous! All personnel have weapons ready and fire at will![1]

F. Cadigan was the commander of the USM Valor and was charged with Operation: WHITE LIGHT.


At some point after the USM Valor entered the Aegis Cluster, Isaac Clarke successfully launched an S.O.S. beacon which the ship's crew immediately picked up. En route to the USG Ishimura, they intercepted an escape pod that had been launched from the Planet Cracker. Unfortunately, the pod contained a Necromorph Slasher

It is unknown exactly what occurred aboard the USM Valor, but by the time the ship reached the USG Ishimura, the majority of the ship's personnel were either dead or infected. However, Commander Cadigan did manage to alert his crew to the presence of the Necromorphs, signifying that he at least was able to respond to the attack.[1]

It is presumed that Cadigan died before Isaac Clarke entered the Valor.