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A view of Facility One.

Facility One was a vast military and archeological compound set up by the Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces on the surface of Tau Volantis during the Galactic Expedition from 2311 to 2314.


SCAF Expedition[]

DS3 Sovereign Colonies Central Command

A Sovereign Colonies Central Command seal on a door inside the facility.

Facility One was the nerve center of SCAF's effort on the planet, and particularly vital to its operations after the loss of Supply Depot 212 and the Waystation to the Necromorphs, in wake of the supply shortages. It was here that General Spencer Mahad coordinated the military side of the Galactic Expedition, and the Science Division planned their expeditions to locate the Marker origins. Countless geological maps were scattered throughout the facility, showing the scale of the ambitious plans of the Sovereign Colonies.

Events of 2514[]

DS3 Group Reunion

Isaac Clarke's group discusses the Nexus experiment in the facility's Central Command room.

200 years later, Facility One was used by the USM Eudora crew as a meeting place after their crash on the planet and Isaac Clarke and John Carver's seperation from the rest of the group.

After the Tau Volantis Moon was pulled down by the Alien Machine, Facility One used by the remnants of the Circle, who used the place for suicides. A couple of insane Circle soldiers could also be found throughout the facility repeating the mantra "They are hungry, they are coming".



The whole perimeter of the facility was surrounded by a tall metal defensive wall, designed to withstand the hostile environment of Tau Volantis while protecting the humans sheltering within. After the first Necromorph encounters, the perimeter was fitted with multiple manned machine gun nests, used to deter or destroy any hostile elements. The losses sustained in the landing operations had taken a severe mental toll on the Legionaries there, as they were forced to shoot and dismember Necromorphs made from their fallen comrades.[1]

Entrance into the facility was possible through either the main doors or through elevated catwalks, accessible via elevators and powered by emergency generators in shacks alongside them (a critical security flaw in hindisight).


The courtyard near the Central Command served as a major hub for repair and maintenance operations on Tau Volantis. The garage reported heavy overuse of snow vehicles, driven well beyond their limits in terms of exploitation and load they were designed to carry, with damaged axels and thrown wheels aplenty, even before factoring in the immensely hostile environment.

Central Command[]

Central Command of Facility One on Tau Volantis was a large rectangular room with a small model of the facility and its surroundings mounted on a large, rectangular table in the middle. Map charts adorned the walls, along with blueprints, documents and also a paper showing the anatomy of a Snow Beast, along with comfortable chairs scattered around the room. Memorials to SCAF servicemen were common, along with a banner of the Engineering Brigade and the red and blue colors of the Sovereign Colonies along on the walls.

An audio recording between General Mahad and Dr. Serarno could be found.[2] A tungsten torque bar locked room could also be found along the wall adjacent to the hallway exit and a bench was located at the exit of the room leading to the hallway that led to an outside catwalk and an excavation site. The other exit led to another exit with a large door that was not active, and there was a maintenance door leading to the courtyard.

Tent City[]

Tent City was an official term for a network of temporary structures erected using insulated tents in the area near Central Command, between the complex and the archeological facilities established in the surrounding area. Designated as Camp Rae, the tents were made from thick, durable fabric and intended to provide cold storage of specimens, house survey equipment and other gear, and provide the ability to study Tau Volantis specimens without being exposed to the debilitating winds.