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Overview of Facility Two.

Facility Two,[1] also known as the Research Compound, was a base of operations of the SCAF Science Division on Tau Volantis. The compound, facing north, was located near a large cliff-side at the top of the mountain (designated Mount Olympus) that hid the Alien Machine within. Outside the base, frozen alien-made Red Markers could be found all over the surface, trapped inside the walls, the ground and even inside the elevator shaft between the research base and the Machine below.

A thick wall surrounded the base, protecting it from the outside, with an additional wall along with a built-in checkpoint located at the entrance of the silo leading to the Machine below. A lift system was built across the mountain side all the way down to the base surrounding the mountain, Facility One. Every high-ranking officer carried a key to access the entire facility.


SCAF Expedition[]

DS3 Rosetta Lab Concept

The "Rosetta" lab in Facility Two.

By tracing the signals that the Nexus received, the SCAF researchers were able to pinpoint what they believed was the source of the Marker signals and the location of the Alien Machine beneath a mountain a little way away from Facility One. To investigate the Machine, they constructed the Research Compound - Facility Two - atop the mountaintop and started digging a shaft to reach the buried Machine. Meanwhile, the recovered frozen Necromorph samples were experimented on and studied. Later, an intact alien specimen designated "Rosetta" was studied to find out more about the aliens.

DS3 Tim 03

Private Tim Caufman observes Facility Two from The Mule's crash site.

As Scenario Five commenced in 2314, under General Spencer Mahad's orders, the facility's halls were packed with all of the research papers, biological specimens and lab equipment that could be found in order to be incinerated.[2] However, Dr. Earl Serrano managed to hide the "Rosetta" specimen from the cleanse order. Later, Serrano made his way underground to the Alien Machine in order to await the delivery of the Codex, which was being transported aboard a ship called The Mule.[3]


General Mahad salutes the Sovereign Colonies flag before self-terminating in Facility Two.

However, The Mule crashed somewhere near the Research Compound, forcing Serrano to dispatch Privates Tim Caufman and Samuel Ackerman to retrieve the device. Their mission was a failure, however, as Sam was killed while descending to the facility and Tim was subsequently executed by General Mahad, who then committed suicide. The facility was left abandoned and the lift system cables were destroyed, trapping anyone still alive up on the mountain.

Events of 2514[]

DS3 Soveriegn Colonies 11

The abandoned Research Compound in 2514.

200 years later, trying to reach the source of the Marker signal, Isaac Clarke and John Carver scaled the cliffs to reach Facility Two, losing Jennifer Santos in the process. They arrived at Facility Two to investigate the "Rosetta" lab, containing the alien specimen experimented on so long ago. Finding the alien specimen incomplete, the duo scoured Facility Two for the missing pieces, assembling it and creating a new Codex. However, they were soon attacked by Unitologists from the Circle, with Jacob Arthur Danik acquiring the Codex and descending down the elevator shaft to the Alien Machine while being pursued by Isaac and Carver.


0265 ovs billboard01 c

Site map of the entire facility.

The Research Compound housed a variety of different sections dedicated for different tasks.

The most important section of the base was the "Rosetta" research facility, but the complex also had other important sections, such as a warehouse dedicated to containing Markers. Other sections of the base were also put into use to study the dead, alien-based Necromorphs and also the other, recent variants.

Lift System[]

A drop-off point for the lift was at located the base of the Research Compound. A hut of presumably the maintenance crew was located there.

Base Exterior[]

A labyrinth of corridors was carved into the icy terrain of the mountain riddled with Markers. The entrance to the Paleontology Sector was located next to the compound gate.

Some sort of an overpass was located between the exterior entrance and the Biology Sector entrance.


  • According to a S.C.A.F. artifact, the initial fly-overs on the surface of the planet discovered the unusual mountain formation located in the center of a "jagged crater" which would be discovered to have contained the Alien Machine. The personnel responsible for this finding reported sightings of snow-covered, nearly identical obelisks shaped as if two tendrils had intertwined. During these fly-overs, at least one member of these expeditions began experiencing the first stages of the Marker signal-induced dementia.[4]