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First Contact Suit
First contact suit DS3
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The First Contact Suit is another type of Extra Vehicular Activity (EVA) RIG suit in Dead Space 3. Like the Witness Suit, This particular type of EVA suit is available to those who pre-order the "First Contact" Limited Edition of the game. The First Contact is simply an EVA RIG with a gold and bronze finish.

The First Contact Suit, like all DLC RIGs, is available from the first Suit Kiosk on the CMS Roanoke.


"A unique EVA suit built by S.C.A.F. for encounters with foreign entities. It sports a flamboyant gold finish to provide protection from long term space exposure."
—Suit Kiosk descriptionThe First Contact is simply an EVA RIG with a gold and bronze finish. This RIG's solar visor is slightly different from its original counterpart, being a dark brown-grey color instead of shiny gold.

Isaac's variant has a bright yellow color scheme, while Carver's suit is dark brown with minor differences, though both variations are largely the same in general appearance.

It was given the "First Contact" moniker by the scientists that developed it.[1]


Trivia Edit

Although this suit was technically designed by the S.C.A.F., the right armband sports the EarthGov logo of the USM Eudora from the original EVA Suit.


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