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The Flight Suit is an unlockable RIG suit in Dead Space 3.


"A suit worn by S.C.A.F. pilots, the flight suit continually monitors the wearer for signs of stress and fatigue, and can inject stimulants into the bloodstream to counteract these effects."
—Suit Kiosk description

Aesthetically, the Flight Suit bears the same design as the E.V.A Suit along with having the same helmet design as the Deep Dig Suit. The overall suit sports a brownish (red on brown for Carver) color scheme with a few reddish-orange patches that are located on the chest and thigh areas of the suit. Several pads that are dark grey in color can be seen on the arm and knee regions of the suit. Carver's version is visually the same model, but has a cleaner texture and is predominantly red in its color scheme.


In order to unlock the Flight Suit, the player must collect all Artifacts of each type: EarthGov, Unitologist, S.C.A.F. and Alien.