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DS3 Full Zoom Scope

Prototype military scope for advanced long-range aiming.


Full Zoom Scope functions identically to the normal Scope attachment. Except it zooms further and deals slightly more damage than its standard counterpart. In aiming mode, the screen is zoomed and tinted with striped orange display as though it is seen through the scope. This allows Isaac to take out Necromorphs at a distance safely, and it is helpful when killing a Creeper and its Shambler with a headshot.

While being effective for long-range shooting (i.e. Sniping), it is not recommended for close-quarter combat as it narrows the view, making it harder to see Necromorphs that are very close to Isaac.

Weapons suitable for use with Full Zoom Scope generally have far range and high accuracy, such as Seeker Rifle, Javelin Gun, Plasma Cutter, et-cetera.


The blueprint "Seeker Rifle" includes Full Zoom Scope attachment even in Classic Mode.