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It's been the same old thing here. Working hard with the guys, looking at the stars. You wake up - eat breakfast - do systems backup - calibrate instruments - you can imagine how much fun it must be. And next I'll survey deep space for ten hours. That's right; when your friends ask you what your daddy does, you can tell them - he stares into space.[1]

Gavin Becker was a Martian and also a scientist and member of an observation team assigned to a station near the Aegis Cluster.[1]


Little information was available about the early life of Gavin Becker. At some point, he married and had a child.[2]


It was unknown exactly when Becker entered the service of the E.D.F.[note 1] He was placed aboard an observational craft as a safeguard against a second incident in the Aegis System.

The Second Aegis 7 IncidentEdit


A photo of Gavin's family held up by Stefan

"This is early bird reporting sir. Aegis Seven has been breached."
—Agent Becker[1]

When the observation post received the USG Ishimura's distress beacon, Becker immediately notified his commanding officer about the situation. To his horror, he was instructed to carry "Eventuality 1-17" out - immediate elimination of all witnesses. His attempt to argue that such a drastic action was not necessary was met with implied danger to his family if he failed to do his job. In order to prevent the amplification of the Ishimura's S.O.S., Becker murdered both of his colleagues. Unable to face his actions, he exposed himself to hard vacuum and subsequently perished.


  1. While his status as an agent is confirmed, it is unknown if he was specifically a member of E.D.F. However, as his commanding officer indicated that twelve other agents over the last two hundred years had served in the exact position, such an effort would have started immediately following the First Aegis 7 Incident.


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