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Geology sector entrance

Entrance to the Geology Sector.

The Geology Sector is a section of the Sovereign Colonies' Facility Two on Tau Volantis.

The sector stored all the geological research of the Science Division, such as all the frozen bodies of the Aliens. The frozen bodies were stored in huge ice cubes that were then transferred to the Biology Sector via a lift.

The sector had a large courtyard filled with ice cubes and other containers.

There was an interior passage way between the Geological and Biology Sectors, however, this is inaccessible for unknown reasons, as well as there is an exterior way through a small canyon leading to an opening below the Sector. An elevator leading up to the courtyard as well as another one to the Disposal Services can be found here.

The entrace to the Research Compound Silo was located just next to the Geology Sector.


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Site map of the Geology Sector.

Exterior Access[]

A pathway was dug into solid ice and made into a catwalk. The exterior access connects the Biology and the Geology Sectors from the outside. A lift going up to a courtyard as well as another elevator going down to the Disposal Services can be found in a small opening area just next to the sector walls.

Disposal Service[]

See Disposal Service


The Courtyard is a large open field with boxes and cubes of frozen alien corpses. A lift used to deliver any cargo to the Biology Sector is located next to the courtyard, leading to the round building overlooking the field.

Geology Building[]


The accessible area is not too huge.

Just after the entrance, there is a huge room containing a few cubes of frozen aliens as well as a Bench. The second room has a tungsten torque room. The third and final room is some sort of specimen cutting area, where the workers cut pieces of excavated material with the use of laser beams. A piece of Rosetta can be found at the other end of the room.