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"The planet is pushing back..."

Glenn was a member of Colin Barrow's dig team on Aegis VII alongside Jackson.


The Second Aegis VII Incident[]

"Come on, Colin. You telling me that the thing ain't creeping the shit out of you? I mean, the suicides, the murders? Seems like everyone on this rock is losing their shit."

Glenn worked closely with Dig Foreman Barrow during the extraction of Marker 3A.[2]

After Barrow dismissed Jackson's comment that the Marker must be cursed, Glenn pointed out the numerous suicides and murders since the artifact's discovery. However, Barrow simply told Glenn that "weird shit happens" in deep space and that he was only concerned about finishing the operation so they could all go home.

During the blackout on the colony following the planet crack, Barrow and Glenn were piloting a shuttle, sparing them from the initial slaughter by the Necromorphs on the ground. Glenn began to show signs of Marker-induced dementia, as he saw the image of Captain Mathius on the comlink screen in front of him suddenly turn into a hideous multi-faced monster that leapt out of the screen at him. Shaking this hallucination away, Glenn told Barrow that all of their problems must be due to the planet "pushing back" against the destabilization of the "harmony of the universe", which Barrow quickly dismissed as nothing but Unitologist nonsense.

Upon landing, the pair found the Corruption forming on the halls of the colony. Barrow separated from Glenn in order to check on his wife, Jennifer, leaving Glenn alone as the colony's lights began to flicker and shut off completely. When the lights turned back on a second later, Glenn was nowhere to be seen.[1]