Gliese Survey

Gliese was a popular holiday destination for the denizens of the Sprawl.[1] Not much was known about it's environment other than the fact that there are beautiful beaches that are very reflective. According to a presentation done by Dr. Earl Serrano of the Sovereign Colonies, a man-made Red Marker designated Marker 2A was placed on a planet in the Gliese system. It is possible that the holiday destination suffered the same fate as in Aegis VII during the wide spread Marker epidemic prior to the Brother Moons' invasion of Earth.


  • The planet is so well known that it appears in a Unitology sponsored quiz.
  • The planet may be managed by the same company that manages Shalanx III and likely a popular holiday destination on other colonies throughout civilized space. The planet may be located in the Gliese 581 system, located 20.3 light years from Earth. Gliese 581, a Red Dwarf star, is famous for having the first planets outside of our solar system (Gliese 581d, which is tide-locked and Gliese 581c) within the star's habitable zone, making them very likely candidates for supporting alien life.


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