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The Global Warming Epidemic was an environmental crisis that occurred as a result of unrestrained human pollution some time in Earth's history.[1][2]

The crisis[]

Global warming became a major concern of humanity during the middle of the 20th century. It was namely then that the first increase in the Earth's temperature was registered. The temperature became less than one degree higher.

The "Global Warming Epidemic" was an era of significant climatological imbalance caused primarily by human activity. During this era, numerous cities such as Venice and New York City were flooded and destroyed by rising ocean levels. Inland cities were also adversely effected when billions of climate refugees began moving in and settling in regions with an already substantial population, increasing pollution and furthering the process of environmental destruction. The warmer oceans also allowed larger, more powerful storms to form, of which the infamous "Trinity Hurricanes" are the most destructive, submerging the Mississippi delta and the surrounding regions under the Gulf of Mexico.


Potential consequences of the global warming crisis ranged from catastrophic loss of worldwide economic stability as crucial economic hubs such as New York, Hong Kong and other cities being swept away by water to considerable demographic changes in national population layouts. The crisis may have prompted the international community to form a coordinated global agency to better administer relief after the disaster, potentially even leading to the creation of the Sovereign Colonies.



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