A Glow Worm was a portable worm with a bioluminescence effect that was only activated when it was shaken. It was first found inside the Gravity Tether Core, sitting on top of a crate. Once shaken (Literally by shaking the controller), it would glow, providing a weak, acid-green light.


  • While it was mandatory to pick up the Glow Worm, it was not required to actually use it. The Glow Worm provided minimal lighting and was not necessary to complete any section of the game.
  • Every playable character after Sam Caldwell already carried a Glow Worm, despite never picking one up. It was currently unexplained as to why they would have a need to be carrying these or why no one used flashlights.
  • Glow worms are in reality the flightless female form of fireflies. It was possible that they are genetically modified to glow very brightly and not move for use as organic lanterns.