GovSec 2

One of the many rooms of Government Sector.

"This is Director Tiedemann. All surviving squads are ordered to fall back. Repeat. Fall back to Government Sector."
—Hans Tiedemann

The Government Sector is an area of Titan Station where the main EarthGov and CEC facilities reside. This particular area stood as the last remaining stronghold for Hans Tiedemann and the EarthGov forces during the Necromorph outbreak on the Sprawl during the events of 2511.


Following the events of 2508, the Government Sector became host to Project Telomere, a research program focused on studying the Markers in the hopes of utilizing their advanced technologies for other various purposes. Using specialized equipment to extract information from those previously affected by the Red Marker, such as Isaac Clarke and Nolan Stross, the staff were able to successfully construct several Markers; this included one massive Marker which served as the centerpiece and primary avenue of research in the facility. As part of its design, the facility was constructed like a citadel, even proving impenetrable to the Necromorphs until the intervention of Isaac Clarke and Ellie Langford. Even inside the facility, massive amounts of security were present, including large numbers of armed guards and military vehicles as well as numerous security checkpoints and redundant bulkheads; one major aspect of the facility's interior security was shielding designed to prevent the Marker signals from affecting those within and outsite the facility, though this appears to have failed.

When Isaac and Ellie arrived at the Government Sector, the area had no Necromorph activity. However, the large drill they used had created a hole which made an entrance for the Necromorphs, though further intrusion into the sector was prevented by a redundant bulkhead door. Once Isaac hacked his way into the sealed door and into the compound, he is forced by Tiedmann's Security Officers to make it into the main power facility for the area and remove its power cell. With power to the redundant bulkhead now cut, it created an entrance for the Necromorphs to swarm in and kill the Security Forces and scientists. Various areas of GovSec were quickly covered in the Corruption as a result. The Government Sector was eradicated when the reactor overheated and began blowing the Sprawl into pieces. After Isaac escapes Titan Station via Gunship, the reactor explodes and completely destroys any remaining Necromorphs and survivors.