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"What the hell are you?"
Alissa Vincent to the Graverobber in the deleted scene.

The Graverobber is a Necromorph that was supposed to appear in the animated film Dead Space: Downfall, but was cut most likely due to time constraints. 



Deleted Scene from Dead Space Downfall

Deleted "Graverobber" scene.

The Graverobber has a bear-like stance and possesses three jawless heads and pincers. The creature's entire upper torso is composed of dead bodies, most of which have been visually absorbed partway into the creature's flesh. Among these corpses are the remains of Ramirez, Samuel Irons and Heather. It also has large, Slasher-like blades, the right blade seemingly being formed from a Slasher that was melded into it, or simply a grossly mutated human body.

As mentioned above, the Graverobber has three large heads fused to each other. A long, fleshy tongue comes out of the central head, while two giant mandibles or tusks come out of the heads on the sides. The body of the Graverobber is similar to a Brute in that it has several armor-plated regions on its body, forming a ribcage-like pattern along the length of its torso. 

This Necromorph would find dead bodies and devour them within seconds, probably adding them to its biomass this way.


  • In Dead Space: Downfall, Slashers are seen piling up bodies in the mess hall. It is speculated that this is how the Graverobber was created.
  • Originally, the Graverobber would have pursued Alissa Vincent until getting smashed by the Ishimura's centrifuge. This is likely how the centrifuge malfunctioned before the arrival of Isaac Clarke.