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Gravity panels are part of the artificial gravity system on Earth ships. They were present on the USG Ishimura and USM Valor and presumably are powered by the central gravity gyro on the Engineering Deck. As the Ishimura falls into a derelict state, the gravity panels break and malfunction. This causes objects that cross over them to be pinned to the ceiling and crushed by the resulting force. These broken panels are easily identifiable by a visible "current" that flows upwards from them.

Gravity Panels were also used on S.C.A.F ships. They are used against Isaac by Tucker Edwards on the CMS Terra Nova, and the engineer disables them after cutting the power from Environmental.

Isaac will be instantly killed if he attempts to walk over a broken panel as will any Necromorph; any organic body that is placed in the upward-flowing current of a broken panel is smashed against the ceiling, and splattered into bloody chunks.


  • The achievement Ragdoll Check calls for 5 Necromorphs to be forced into a broken gravity panel.
  • Interestingly, on the crashed USM Valor, a marine is stuck to the ceiling by a broken gravity panel but is still alive. How this happened is unclear. Possibly, he was stasised before he was smashed up as a desperate attempt to reach safety. It is also possible that he was thrown into the air from the ships colliding and then caught and pinned by the broken panel.
  • Gravity panels are absent in the remake, being replaced by exposed wiring on both the Ishimura and the Valor. Unlike gravity panels, the damaging beam is not constantly flowing from the panel, allowing for easier maneuverability through areas where they are found.
    • As a result of this change, the aforementioned trapped marine is no longer present.