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"If the Marker was the beginning of human life, then it has no need to be broadcasting this now. And yet it is communicating a pulse, one with an unfamiliar genetic code. Perhaps it is communicating a pulse, but perhaps it is a flawed pulse with a flawed genetic code. Perhaps this Marker has begun a process of deterioration."
—Herr Doktor Guthe to Michael Altman.

Grote Guthe was a scientist participating in the research of the Black Marker.[1]


He is described as being German in nationality. Short and very thin, with a skin condition that left him hairless.[2]


Chicxulub research team[]

Grote Guthe made the breakthrough suggesting that the Marker signal could be read as pieces of genetic code.[1]

During a hallucination - which he was aware was a hallucination - Guthe attempted to inject himself with a sedative, accidentally using a Necromorph contagion instead. Guthe was able to reach the Marker and its prohibitive dead space, preventing his immediate transformation, but was murdered by Krax before he could explain his actions or new understanding.[3]

Krax ordered Guthe's body to be taken to a lab for dissection; once removed from the dead space and concealed with a sheet, the body immediately resumed transforming. Shortly after reaching the lab, Guthe's body became a fully reanimated infector and killed two members of the dissection team; the third member, one Hideki Ishimura, successfully escaped.[4]



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