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Gunner Wright (born August 26th, 1973) is an American actor who portrays Isaac Clarke in Dead SpaceDead Space 2 and Dead Space 3.

Biography Edit

Gunner Wright was born on August 26th, 1973 in Eustis, Florida. He raced motorcycles competitively until the age of 21 where he and his family moved to Southern California. After a short stint in the motorcycle industry, Gunner was invited to work on Fox's Fastlane television series.

Wright still rides motorcycles daily and when not filming aids the motorcycle industry through Discover Today's Motorcycling.

Trivia Edit

  • Gunner Wright was born the second-youngest of six children.
  • Gunner Wright and Tanya Clarke have both had roles in All My Children.
  • While Wright had a role in the revamped 90210, his Dead Space 2 co-star, Curt Cornelius, had a role in the original Beverly Hills: 90210.
  • Gunner Wright provides the updated likeness of Isaac Clarke in Dead Space 2. This is most evident when comparing their hairline, their brow structure, and the bridge of their nose. This was most likely done to accommodate Wright as the voice actor. The same can be said for Tanya Clarke's portrayal of Nicole Brennan in Dead Space 2 as well.
    • Wright voiced Isaac in the first Dead Space as well, though he only provided grunts and screams and was not credited.
    • Other protagonists such as Gabe Weller and John Carver shares Wright's voice clips with Isaac on a few occasions. Such occasions includes the melee voice effects (Gabe only) and the "firing voice" when the Hand Cannon and Devil Horns are used.
    • The Titan Security members in the multiplayer section of Dead Space 2 uses Isaac's voice for screams and grunts.

Personal Quotes Edit

  • "Riding motorcycles is in my blood. If I ever stop riding, I might as well stop breathing."
  • "Acting is very similar to racing. I would practice and practice but nothing could take the place of just racing. It's how you get better....faster. You can take all the acting classes in the world but there's nothing like being on a set. It's the best training there is."
  • "I was too chicken to be a stuntman so I became an actor. They are my heroes man."

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