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The Hacker Suit is a special suit that can be unlocked only by having a save file from Dead Space: Ignition on the console's hard drive in order to use it in Dead Space 2. It can be found in the second Conduit room in Chapter 2: I Need Transportation. It is also the initial suit used in Dead Space 3.


The suit consists of a dark grey leather flight jacket, a black shirt with an unintelligible slogan on it, a pair of padded jeans, several pouches on the belt with a suspender, a pair of red gloves, magnetic boots, earbuds for communication and vacuum protection and a ballistic vest with attached RIG, holo projector and thrusters. The mask exposes Isaac's neck and the back of his head.

As seen during the first chapter of Dead Space 3, the RIG line and Stasis indicators are held onto the suit via metal braces.

In Dead Space 3, it is only used as a placeholder for the first true suit you get, the EVA Suit. It has a new undershirt, new pants, lacks the gravity/rocket boots, and most to all of the armor has been removed. It also lacks the hologram projector normally seen on RIG suits. Once you obtain the EVA suit, you can no longer wear this suit for the rest of the game, much like the Patient Suit.


  • The Hacker Suit guarantees at least 15 inventory slots and 15% armor. While equipped, hacking consoles takes one less stage to complete.
  • There is also a Hacker Contact Beam Schematic that can be found near the beginning of Chapter 9. It is located in a Conduit Room.
  • Although the back of Isaac's head and his neck is not armored and fully visible, he can still travel normally in space like he was using any other suit. This is just for gameplay purposes.


  • The suit costs 20,000 Credits and the Schematic can be found in the door labeled Conduit Room off of the hallway with the TST billboard in Chapter 2.
  • Due to all RIG upgrades being retroactive, this suit becomes one of the better choices if you dislike the hacking minigame. It will gain the inventory and armor rating of your best suit but retain its one less stage on hacks.
  • This suit is useful for players attempting Hard Core mode, as it can be obtained early on with a high (for that point in the game) damage resistance and inventory space.
  • Buying this suit will cause the Elite Advanced Suit to disappear from the Safe and vice versa.
  • The suit appears to have a shirt underneath it with some sort of writing on it. In Dead Space 3, the writing says "New Horizons, No Hope". Isaac also dons a wristwatch on his right hand in the re-iterated version.
  • The Hacker RIG is the first (and only) promotional/DLC item to appear in a sequel, or any other game beside its debut appearance. It also does not confer its hacking bonus, as the suits in Dead Space 3 only serves aesthetical purposes.
  • As the EVA Suit is worn on top of it, it is possible that Isaac still has this outfit under his armorsuit by the end of Awakened, as it was never taken off onscreen.
  • It is worth noting that the holo-projector on the Hacker Suit sits higher on the chest and is larger than most other suits in-game, most likely having to do with its name.