Dead Space Wiki

Type: Video
Characters: Zach Hammond, Kendra Daniels
Chapter: 8
Can be found: Plays after killing Slug boss and Valor crashes into the Ishimura.
(The video starts with Nicole's original message, which is playing due to Isaac's suit malfunctioning from impacting the floor)

  • Nicole: I wish I could just talk to someone...It's all falling apart here, I ca-

(video cuts to Hammond. He is inside a tram car)

  • Hammond: Isaac! Isaac, are you there? Thank god you're all right! I've been trying to reach you! Someone's been blocking my RIG signal remotely. That crash must have interrupted the signal block.
  • Kendra: Hammond! Where have you been?
  • Hammond: Surviving, barely. I found some med supplies and patched myself up. Listen. I'm calling abort on the mission. Fuck the C.E.C. and fuck the chain of command. We have to get the hell out of here! I think I've located a shuttle on the Crew Deck. The flight log says it needs a new singularity core, but we can probably salvage one from the Valor. I can see the tail-end of it sticking out of the side of the Ishimura. I'm heading down there now to find a way inside. I'll met you there. Hammond out.
  • Kendra: Isaac, if what he says is true about the shuttle, then we might have a chance of getting out of here. Head to the cargo bay and see if you can help Hammond. In his condition, he may not last long.