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"Is it true? Do you hold the key to life... and the journey beyond death? I wish now I'd studied the Prime Marker more... but the ship will be here soon. They'll figure you out. And then we can all be set free."
—Carthusia speaking to Marker 3A.

Hanford Peter George la Salle Carthusia was the leader of the Aegis VII colony.[1]


Early life[]

Hanford Carthusia was born into a wealthy family of bankers and executives in the pan-European sector of Earth. His family was a respected pillar of the Church of Unitology for three generations and Hanford's generation was no exception. Almost all of the family members were Vested and at least one was known to be an Overseer.

Hanford worked in a variety of family-owned businesses in energy, manufacturing and distribution, working his way through middle management with a genuine skill for strategy and protecting the bottom line. Eventually, he was promoted and went on to prove that he had equal skills in the boardroom.

CEC career[]

Through his family connections, Hanford came to the attention of several prominent Unitologists within the higher echelons of the Concordance Extraction Corporation and was headhunted at their behest. His family gave their blessing, seeing it as an opportunity to increase their influence both in business and the Church. He joined the C.E.C. as an assistant project manager and quickly rose to become an overall project manager with full jurisdiction over his assigned mining colony.

He presided over four planet cracks to date and it was widely expected within the company that he would rise to executive level and work exclusively from CEC HQ on Earth. Hanford's wife and three children who resided on Earth under the aegis of his powerful extended family looked forward to that day.

The Second Aegis VII Incident[]


Carthusia on his way to examine the Marker.

Carthusia was in close contact with Captain Benjamin Mathius of the USG Ishimura before the Planet Crack took place and was a devout Unitologist along with the Captain. He became increasingly unpopular around the colonists, P-Sec, and even other Unitologists because of his arrogance and protectiveness of the Red Marker. Carthusia pointedly refused to heed concerns from P-Sec officers and Chief Medical Officer Tom Sciarello in regards to the increasing number of violent incidences since the Marker was discovered, refusing to abandon the mining operation and even going as far as to have the Marker brought into the colony.

Shortly before the Planet Crack took place, he was informed by Mathius that he would not be joining him on board the Ishimura because of the violent incidents spreading on the colony. This decision outraged Carthusia and brought him to abruptly cut communications with the Captain and withhold the bodies of the Union Square mass suicide victims, a decision that would prove devastating for the colony in the future. Following the Planet Crack, Carthusia would visit the morgue, lamenting the fact that the bodies had been left on the colony. Remaining faithful and proclaiming that ''[they] will all ascend," Carthusia offered himself to a Slasher that had been freshly reanimated among the bodies and is killed by it. Carthusia's body was not found in the morgue when Dr. Sciarello and a group of other medical staff arrived, suggesting that Carthusia had been reanimated into a Necromorph.


  • Sergeant Neumann had many arguments with Carthusia over the increasingly disturbing events happening in the colony. Carthusia brushed off his warnings and advice, even when things became too bad for him to ignore. The Sergeant became so frustrated with the colony manager that he swore to kill him at one point.
    • This mirrored Alissa Vincent's struggle with Captain Mathius, who was also a devout Unitologist and her superior. Like Carthusia, Mathius refused to see reason and would not listen to anyone's ideas regarding the Marker.
  • In the ending credits of Dead Space: Downfall, Bob Neill is credited for voicing a character named "Carthusian". Although no such person in the animated feature is specifically named as such, much less seen visibly, he is most likely one of the voices heard towards the beginning discussing several topics to the USG Ishimura: the discovery and quarantining of the Red Marker, the increasing violence on the Aegis VII colony, and his faith in Unitology. Only Hanford Carthusia would be in a position to address these issues to the Ishimura. As for the discrepancy in spelling, it is most likely a small oversight on part of the writing staff of Downfall.