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"I had to kill, you understand? They need bodies. They need us to turn."

Hans Leggio was a miner on Aegis VII and was one of those affected by dementia.


The Second Aegis VII Incident[]

Hans Leggio was part of the Aegis VII Colony and a member of one of its Dig Teams. Two weeks prior to Extraction, Leggio murdered one of his dig team and killed another member with what appeared to be a Contact Beam. He was arrested and following the arrival of the USG Ishimura, taken aboard the ship.

He was placed in the care of Dr. Terrence Kyne and the direct care of one of the ship's nurses. He was administered a very high dosage of sedatives, though the only noticeable effect was a partial calming of the man. While in a more stable state, Leggio mentioned hearing voices inside his head and asked the nurse if she heard them too. The nurse explained that sometimes the sedatives caused hallucinations, but Leggio continued to struggle to break free of his bonds.

The noises inside Leggio's head finally drove him to complete insanity and he managed to slip his hands out of the straps that were holding him down. He wanted the noises out of his head so much and he began to bash himself in the temple with his own hand so hard that blood began to spray out.

Dr. Kyne quickly jumped on him and held him down to ensure that he did not kill himself. Dr. Kyne asked for the nurse's help to restrain him as Leggio told Kyne to just kill him. Kyne took a sedative out of his pocket and injected it into Leggio's arm. As Leggio's respiratory rate lowered, he finally fell asleep.

Later on during the Necromorph infestation, Leggio awoke and was still in the Medical Lab. He heard a strange growling noise outside and left to investigate. He followed a trail of blood into the Morgue where he found the Infectors mutating the dead corpses of humans and turning them into Slashers. The Slashers saw Leggio and advanced.

Leggio turned and began to run from them, trying to be as quiet as possible, but was fatally stabbed by a Pregnant. As Leggio internally bled and blood began to come out of his nose, he was lifted up into the air by the Pregnant and finished off by one more stab.

When the P.C.S.I. Security Officers arrived at the Morgue, they found Leggio's torn and mutated body initially appearing no more than an inanimate corpse. As the security team dispersed, Leggio now as a Necromorph attacked and mortally wounded Dobbs, one of the security Officers. It collapsed and torn to shreds by the sheer quantity of rounds.


"Two weeks ago, this man was healthy and mentally stable. Then, out of nowhere, he kills two members of his dig team."
—Dr. Terrence Kyne[1]
"You don't hear that? Oh my God, make it stop!"
"Kill me! Just fucking kill me!"



  1. Dead Space: Downfall takes place three years before the events of Dead Space 2.