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The Hazard Engineering Suit is a suit that is obtained with the Hazard DLC, along with the Shockpoint Advanced Suit and the Triage Security Suit for Dead Space 2. It is somewhat dirty in appearance, with an overall tarnished/rusty texture that states its use might be for recycling and/or waste removal like in Chapter 3 (DS2). Since it is DLC, it is of no cost to the player.


The Hazard Engineering Suit provides a 10% bonus to healing effects and guarantees 15% damage reduction with 15 inventory slots. It also come with a matching Hazard Line Gun.


  • What makes this suit unique are the words "Playing Dirty" written messily on the left leg, as well as the alternate logo printed on the left arm.
  • Due to an oversight, this suit uses the Elite Advanced Suit's image in the Store.
  • This suit comes with only one skinned weapon, like all others in this pack.
  • The Line Gun that comes with the suit has some other writing on it (possibly graffiti), and also retains a tarnished, dirty, or rusty look.




Dead Space 2 - Hazard Suit

Isaac putting on the Hazard Engineering Suit