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The Heavy-Duty Vintage Suit is a suit introduced in the Supernova DLC, along with the Agility Advanced Suit and the Forged Engineering Suit for Dead Space 2. It is a variant of the Vintage Suit. It comes with 3 matching weapons.


Being a DLC suit, it costs 0 Credits and is instantly available at any Store. The suit gives a minimum of 15 inventory slots and 15% armor, retaining the highest upgrade of armor and inventory. It also has an added weapon bonus of giving a 5% damage increase to the Line Gun, Contact Beam, and Detonator.


There are some mild changes from the Vintage Suit, the key differences being the color scheme and it appearing to be splattered with oil and other mechanical fluids.


Although this is a Vintage Suit and there are no boosters on the shoulders, smoke can be seen coming from non-existent boosters.