Shooting them in the body didn't seem to work. Go for the limbs, dismember them. That should do the job.
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Heavy Pulse Rifle
Weapon Information


200,000 credits

Technical Specifications



Damage (DMG):


Rate of Fire (SPD):

High. Overheats after certain period of time.

Effective Range:


Weapon Parts

The Heavy Pulse Rifle is a weapon exclusive to Dead Space (mobile) and is the only weapon in the game that can bought in the store. It can be purchased for 200,000 credits. 

Combat TipsEdit

The Heavy Pulse Rifle is a good weapon when used for crowd control, but the player must be wary when using it. Although it has a high rate of fire and infinite ammo, it will overheat. During this time period the weapon cannot be fired and has to cool down. This weapon dishes out tremendously large amounts of damage, but because of the very low accuracy most shots would miss at long range so it is wiser to use it on close-up Necromorphs rather than attempting a snipe. It is one of the better weapons for Swarms or a small groups of Necromorphs. However, like the ordinary Pulse Rifle from the other games, it is not really a weapon meant for dismembering. Using this weapon until it overheats is great for conserving ammunition in your other weapons, and can deal considerable damage in short amounts of time. It is a great weapon when used on Tram battles or other tight areas, as well as the Endless and Survival modes. It's infinite ammo and high rate of fire makes it one of the best weapons when it comes to crowd control as it can mow down enemies quickly without fear of running out of ammo.


  • This is the first military grade weapon to be used by Vandal in Dead Space (mobile).
  • Unlike the similarly-named Pulse Rifle, the Heavy Rifle looks and acts like a light machine gun rather than an ordinary assault rifle, mainly because of the way it is held, its large size and rapid low-accuracy rate of fire.
  • There is a trick to avoid overheating the weapon while maintaining to fire endlessly. The trick is to press the fire button/screen at the final warning sound before the overheat animation takes place. The overheat warning sound will beep three times before sounding the final overheat sound. Should you be able to do this, the overheat indicator will return to blue and fire continuously until it begin to overheat and repeat the steps to avoid the overheating again.
  • Getting the Peng Treasure can make this job easier, supplying you with 50,000 credits, 1/4 of the weapons cost. Replaying the story mode four times, getting the Peng Treasure each time, and ensuring your purchases are minimal at the Store will make buying the Heavy Pulse Rifle easy.
  • Another easy way of gathering credits is buying lots of Plasma Energy and/or Line Racks and playing Endless modes. Use their respective weapons to quickly dismember Necromorphs and add to your multiplier, granting you at least 1000 credits or more and with the help of endless Necromorphs engaging you, gathering extra credits can help you immensely to buy the Heavy Pulse Rifle.
  • It is only achievable through a lot of gameplay or by purchasing a credit pack from the DLC Store (buying the 500,000 credit pack ($6.99/£4.99) is recommended) via iTunes money. An alternative to this is to buy the Credit Module from the DLC store making Necromorphs drop more and higher amounts of credits.
  • The Heavy Pulse Rifle is not available on Android devices, despite the advertisements on the Android App Store depicts Vandal using the weapon.


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