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"And yet, here we are. I wouldn’t worry too much about it, Jenkins. You’re not to blame."
—Commander Grottor antagonizing Henry on vidlink.

Henry Wandrei was a security technician on Aspera, present during the Marker 2A outbreak in the late 23rd century.[1]

Henry aided Jensi Sato in finding his brother Istvan Sato.


Early life[]

Henry lived with his family in a middle-class dome on Vindauga. It was at the age of fifteen that he first met Jensi Sato, who he started to silently hang around. The duo eventually became friends and a few months later, after Jensi trusted Henry enough, he told him about his brother Istvan Sato.

Six months later on the way home after Jensi continuously stumbled and tripped over his words while trying to describe his apartment, Henry suggested that he should just show it to him instead. Jensi agreed and the pair headed towards the Mariner Valley compound. While exploring the apartment they ran into Istvan, who in a crazed state almost killed Jensi. After Istvan calmed down and got briefly introduced to Henry, the pair went home. After witnessing Istvan almost kill Jensi, Henry tried to convince Jensi to cut ties with his brother, however his attempts were unsuccessful.

Despite disagreeing with Jensi on helping his brother, Henry still followed him around, trying to talk him out of helping his brother. After noticing that Jensi was eating less, he started giving him food even though he knew that most of it was going to Istvan. It wasn't long before Henry started coming along to see Istvan.

A few weeks later Henry bore witness to Istvan forcing his way into Jensi's foster house, raiding the fridge, assaulting Jensi's foster mother and then screaming at them before leaving. Henry would then tell the police about Istvan being Jensi's brother against Jensi's wishes, but refused to elaborate much on anything else. It's thanks to Henry that Jensi managed to keep his current life as he played a huge part in calming Jensi's foster mother and keeping her from sending Jensi back to the foster agency.

Assassination of Tim Fischer[]

"I know you love him and that he’s your brother, but you remember how he was when we first found him? He might have killed us. If he’s in the right mood—or the wrong one, I guess—I think he’s capable of anything. A bomb, maybe?"
—Henry theorizing what Istvan could be planning

Three years after his last encounter with Istvan, Henry thanks to his family's money managed to get into a university off world. But another year later was flunked out and ended up in the same technical college as Jensi. He claimed to be a family failure and said that his family could hardly stand to look at him afterwards. He also started working as a picker, but due to the work conditions he would later go back into training on his family's money.

Henry would then be contacted by Jensi, who told him that Istvan visited him. Istvan during his brief visit mentioned that he would become famous by "fulfilling his purpose". With Henry and Jensi both fearing that Istvan would do something drastic, they set out to stop him. They managed to deduce that Istvan was going to crash a public event and the following morning Henry and Jensi met up so they could devise a plan to stop Istvan. Jensi informed Henry that there would be 4 big events taking place that day, however they couldn't narrow it down any further, so the duo decided to split up and cover all of the events.

Despite Henry's and Jensi's efforts though, Istvan managed to "fulfill his purpose" and assassinated councilman Tim Fischer. Henry tried his best to comfort Jensi and while Jensi was sleeping also managed to find out that Istvan wasn't actually arrested. Henry then contacted his father and got him to talk to an acquaintance on the police force, however the only information he got was that Istvan was briefly at the police station before being whisked away by Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces. Shortly after Tim Fischer's assassination, Henry would go to work off world with his plan being to make some quick capital so that upon his return he could invest in real estate.

Shooting them in the body didn't seem to work. Go for the limbs, dismember them. That should do the job.
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