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The polluted surface of the Earth.

The history of Earth and its colonies is generally sketchy in the Dead Space universe, although a number of historical events are referenced in the franchise that assist in the formation of a cohesive timeline of in-universe events.[note 1]

With the release of Dead Space (2023), an official web page detailing the various events in Dead Space's backstory in a more definitive manner has been provided.


Environmental Crises[]

Main article: Global Warming Epidemic

In the midst of technological advancement and industrial modernization, environmental problems struck the polluted Earth mercilessly at some point in its post-21st-century history. A systematic, worldwide environmental emergency known as the "Global Warming Epidemic" materialized through consistent flooding of once quintessential cultural, national and economic hubs of activity (situated on the shores of oceans and seas) like New York City and Venice, leading to a massive surge of migration to inland cities and furthering pollution levels and resulting natural calamities.[1][2]

Pre-Space Expansion Armed Conflicts[]

Main article: Bering Sea conflict

Between 2045 and 2050, a naval conflict known as the "Battle of the Bering Sea" caught international attention on Earth, having been sparked by friction between the United States and the Soviet Union.

In 2045, an event known as the "Kara Sea Hostage Crisis" occurred when the crew of an American freighter ventured deep inside the enemy-held Kara Sea and were captured by the Soviet Union, potentially as a result of open military and political conflicts that had pitted the United States and the USSR against each other. The Kara Sea Hostage Crisis is regarded as the opening event in the Battle of the Bering Sea.

In 2047 and 2050, the US Navy's Third Fleet engaged in naval battles with the Red Banner Northern Fleet and the Red Banner Pacific Fleet in the western and southern parts of the Chukchi Peninsula, respectively. The naval battle ended with the Soviet occupation of the Chukchi Peninsula. This series of events seemingly prompted the establishment of a unified global government.[3]

Resource Crisis[]

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New Lunar Base in 2045.

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Earth's resources are depleted.

In the context of Earth's energy crisis, countries eventually turned their attention to the Moon. The Moon could effectively serve as a transit station for humans to eventually begin conquering the stars, and the extraction of Helium-3 could help temporarily alleviate the pressure brought on by the resource crisis. The prototype of what would eventually become the New Horizons Lunar Colony, known as the "New Lunar Base", began construction in 2045 as a Sino-US joint mining base.[4]

By the 23rd century, resources continued to be consumed faster than they could be mined. With natural resources on Earth nearly depleted, humanity fully turned to the stars in search of new worlds to found colonies on.[5]


Main articles: Sovereign Colonies, Secession War, and Earth Government Colonial Alliance
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The Sovereign Colonies administration was formed with mankind's off-world expansion in the 23rd century.

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The Earth Government Colonial Alliance was formed after the dissolution of the Sovereign Colonies.

In the 23rd century,[5] problems caused by military conflicts and worldwide environment crises prompted humanity to search for stable, inhabitable planets in the Solar System and outside. The Sovereign Colonies administration was formed in the wake of this colonial expansion, serving as the governing body of Earth and its fledging colonies.[6]

However, following the Secession War at the start of the 24th century, the Sovereign Colonies administration was dissolved and the Earth Government Colonial Alliance was founded in its place.[7][8] In time, the colonies within Earth's Solar System appear to have adopted a more convenience-oriented and military role, hosting entertainment complexes and malls, as well as, inevitably, military strongholds of the Earth Defense Force.

Extra-solar colonies, on the other hand, represent the prime commercial area of activity for the planet cracking business and serve as an irreplaceable food basket for Earth and its nearby Solar companion planets. Commercial lanes are primarily used by the Concordance Extraction Corporation, which hires the Merchant Marine Corp and the E.D.F. Marine Corps to assist in assuring peaceful commerce.

Colonial Armed Conflicts[]

Main articles: Resource Wars and Mars independence riots

Despite humanity's expansion to space, resources were not inexhaustible, and conflicts known as the Resource Wars had begun in the 23rd century - later contributing to the Secession War[7] - and lasted well into the 25th century, stopping only when the dwindling natural resources of Earth and its colonies were replaced by the revolutionary technological breakthrough brought about by the process of planet cracking in the 2440s.[5]

In the late 25th century, Mars became a seedbed for revolutionary secessionist ideology against EarthGov. The Mars independence riots, as they became known, were responsible for thousands of killed soldiers and rioters.[9]

Known Earth Sectors[]

By the 26th century, Earth's continental groups and national territories had been structured into "Sectors".[9][10] For instance, the American continent was divided into three sociopolitical groups―the United States, Central American, and South American Sectors―while more integral continents, like Africa, avoided the government's division and were preserved under a unitary sector, i.e. "African Sector". Due to the rise of global sea levels, Australia has transformed from a continent to an island, and has not been included in the Sector planning.

  • United States Sector
  • Central American Sector
  • South American Sector
  • Scandinavian Sector
  • Pan European Sector
  • African Sector
  • North Asia Sector
  • Southeast Asian Sector


  1. Several of these historical background stories are based on a 2008 website Flash game called "No Known Survivors". However, due to the sale of Domain-Names, "No Known Survivors" is no longer supported for playing, resulting in missing audio, pictures and textlogs, which affects the textual research for these background stories.


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