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Hive minds

Two known hive mind variants.

Massive Necromorphs that are able to broadcast the Marker Signal from the Moons to smaller Necromorph variants are called "Hive Minds".

Only three Hive Mind variants are seen in the series. The first one was the Aegis VII Hive Mind which was composed of humans, the second seen in Dead Space: Salvage was on the Ishimura and also composed of humans, and the third one was the Nexus on Tau Volantis which was composed of the extinct alien lifeforms.

Based on the provided biomass, the appearance of the Hive Mind varied. The outcome may be completely different to the anatomy of the original hosts or was very similar to the host. The Aegis VII Hive Mind which was based on humans resembled a worm-like creature with a round mouth filled with long flytrap-like teeth. The head was rounded with "eyes" made from sacks containing yellow liquid. It had a rib cage filled with sacks made from the same material as the "eyes", possibly serving as it's heart. The beast would die if these are destroyed so the rib cage served as the only line of defense for the heart.

The Nexus was completely different as it was opposed to the Aegis VII Hive Mind. Like the first one, it resembled an insect, although this one did more than the Hive Mind. It had four blades and mantis-like feet used in traveling. The head was of the original host's with few modifications as it was opposed to the Aegis VII Hive Mind with sacks containing yellow liquid serving as weak points like the Aegis VII Hive Mind. It also had a large sack serving as it's heart, although the creature would not die if it was destroyed, unlike the other variant. It also had a digestive system, a stomach containing three nests (If these are killed along with the other outside weak spots, the creatures died) and a chamber located in it's belly containing nerve clusters that received signals.

No matter of these differences, all variants had weak spots made from sacks filled with the yellow liquid that are weak and vulnerable to damage. The sacks served their own purposes depending on what the Necromorph was like. However, all Hive Minds had antenna-like appendages on their backs. The purpose of these was unknown, but they could serve as antennas helping in broadcasting the Marker Signal to other beings as well as forwarding commands to the other Necromorphs.

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